I wish to compliment Mr. Steely on changing the tone of his letters from shotgun-like ranting to calmer discourse and thank him for condemning "crony capitalism."

I presume he means the relationship between this administration and its many pals in the business and banking world. Most people have forgotten the $800 billion "Stimulus Act" which threw taxpayer dollars at fantasy projects like Solyndra or down the rat-hole of shovel ready jobs.

As for his reference to the pope supporting "social justice," commonly interpreted as redistribution of wealth, the pope supports Catholic social teaching, based on the rights and needs of man "made in the image of God," an entirely different concept. Social justice is imposed by an all-powerful state. Catholic social doctrine frees the individual to flourish in a free society.

It is similar to the difference between Obamacare, in which the government dictates every part of every health insurance contract, which encourages rationing of medical services, and a free-market approach in which the individual makes decisions in his best interests. One is imposed with no choice (tyranny); the other is based on man's inalienable rights to take responsibility for his actions (freedom). — Dennis V. Sinclair, Medford

In May we have the opportunity to create a special library district.

My main concern is for the children in Jackson County. Many people argue that we don't need libraries in every town. The fact so many adults in our county don't recognize is that these library buildings are set up in locations central to schools in all these towns. These locations allow students from all grade levels access to read their way to higher education.

If we don't have libraries we will bankrupt the intellectual possibilities of our next generation. We love where we live; we live in rural communities. Children need libraries to learn, grow and be the best they can be by using their minds and their imaginations.

Please consider the detriment to all children without libraries.

Vote yes for the special library district on the May ballot. — Janet Siedlecki, Eagle Point

I worked at Bear Creek for 19-plus years and am wondering why my retirement discount card that I use has been canceled. I don't understand why they will not honor it.

If they consider my time and effort not worth the work I did, then that is OK, but I wish they would at least respect me. By canceling my discount they show disrespect to me and everything I did.

Please explain what happened, that's all I ask. — Johnnie Lowery, Medford

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