I attended a meeting of the Friends of Research and Extension to kick off the campaign for Ballot Measure 15-121: 4-H, Master Gardener, Agricultural Extension Service District. Find out about the campaign and what Extension currently does in Jackson County at FORE's website: www.communityhappenshere.org.

4-H, the Master Gardener program and the other programs that Extension offers make our county a better place to live. Having been a 10-year 4-H member (1954-1964), this is very near and dear to my heart.

We can all support the campaign to provide stable, dedicated funding for Extension. Vote, post a yard sign, hand out fliers, remind your neighbors to vote.

Extension celebrates 100 years of service this year. Happy birthday, Extension.

Please join me in voting yes on Ballot Measure 15-121 so Extension can continue to serve Jackson County. — Cindy Niedermeyer, Medford

Do you live near Wimer? I was surprised to learn that the people who built and paid taxes for Wimer and Fielder Dams 100 years ago, their great-grandchildren's federal taxes are now paying $412,328 in grants to remove the dams to improve fish passage.

Why destroy our local resources? By dividing the grant's money between the fish and the irrigation districts, both could be restored. Removing the clause, "Must use the water three out of five years or forfeit irrigation rights." Hunger doesn't support this rule.

Many local residents know that prices dropped during the Depression and consistently increase in a recession. Insurance and utility companies and grocery markets have and are making huge profits. Not to mention higher taxes.

Retired people's buying power stops increasing. Why not provide them some water to promote their food supply, leaving extra dollars for their medical expenses? Don't take from them. Instead, give to them as they have earned it. — Cecil C. Smith, Rogue River

The Mail Tribune on Saturday, March 22, had a very important article on page 1A and details on 5A, "Ashland ponders balance between charm, quakes." I commend the Mail Tribune for facing and printing the facts about unreinforced masonry buildings. They exist in many places in Southern Oregon.

I am a retired engineering geologist who was geologist for Alameda County, Calif. (Berkeley, Oakland, and south to Fremont and east beyond Livermore) for 10 years. In Alameda County the Hayward Fault runs through the city of Hayward where "creeping" movement offsets curbs, etc. From offshore of Eureka, Calif., past Oregon and Washington, to the north end of Vancouver Island, B.C., lies the Cascadia Subduction Zone (think the mega earthquake off Japan a few years ago).

Very firm geologic evidence has been discovered and we are in the "window of recurrence" for the next really big one — magnitude 9-plus.

Action needs to be taken now or the consequences will be many deaths and much destruction.

Just stating the facts as they are known. — Ed Danehy, Central Point

In Leonard Pitts' "Who will speak for the helpless, innocent voiceless" he tells horrific, heartbreaking stories of child abuse.

When Roe v. Wade was being considered, one of the strong pro arguments given was that an unwanted child was more likely to suffer abuse. Since 1973, when abortions were legalized, abuse has risen greatly. Could it be that our society's conscience has been desensitized to abusive actions in order to justify the murder of the unborn, which is the greatest form of abuse?

Another major shift in our society since 1973 has been a loosening of restraints on sexual immorality. Now it has been endorsed by Hollywood that it's perfectly OK to have a baby out of wedlock, as well as making movies that promote abusive behavior. Could this be a strong influence in today's society? In looking at the 16 movie reviews in the MT, some of the descriptions of movie content are: "intense violence; disturbing images; strong sustained sequences of stylized bloody violence throughout; sex scenes; nudity; and drug use." More people are using movies and music as a plumb line for morality, rather than God's truth. What can we do to bring about changes for the better for society and the innocent unborn? — Bette Strouth, Medford

I had a considerable problem trying to interpret what reporter Damian Mann was trying to say in his article and would suggest that he rewrite it. I also have no real idea as to what the ordinance really says. It seems to me that the sidewalks, street, and alleyways are also city property.

Would it be too much trouble for someone to print the ordinance as written and to let us know what brilliant idiot wrote the ordinance? That the City Council would unanimously approve such a thing as seems to be written is both disturbing and shows the council as being nothing but scribes and Pharisees of our day.

It is difficult to write this without really venting on all of the lawgivers. — Dale Casey, Medford

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