It's nice to see that the city of Medford is loaning money to build a visitor's center in Ashland on the supposition that it will enhance tourism. It's too bad that they refuse to share any of their hotel/motel taxes with the Jackson County Expo, which actually does enhance tourism and visits to the community. — John B. Dimick, Eagle Point

With the "target rich" environment the current president and his administration consistently keeps providing the nation's political cartoon artists, it must be exasperating for current Obama supporters to admit the MT's "Toons in the news" caricatures have been quite accurate in describing an incompetent president in his approach to national and international policies.

Some examples are bowing to foreign leaders, a growing $17 trillion debt, Fast and Furious, the Benghazi fiasco, the "keep your own doctor/health care program," the infamous Syria Red Line Policy, the IRS scandal, CIA snooping, and the list goes on. However, two recent MT toons have been particularly relevant and self-explanatory.

The March 8 toon depicted Obama and Kerry on a rocking horse with a red marking pen labeled Red Line Policy threatening Putin over Crimea with Putin thumbing his nose over the threat. In addition, the March 9 toon portrayed (in color) three government health care clowns investigating a Cover Oregon health care website clown. Although these cartoons depict serious problems, the real problem is the low-information voters who elected the current president, which is no joking matter. — John Mittendorf, Medford

The front page story March 13 on potential effects of Measure 15-119 was biased and unfair. To present the ruinous financial possible consequences of passage of the bill for most of the story followed by a "but maybe not" at the end, is hardly an example of fair and well-balanced reporting. How many people even get to the end of such an alarmist and depressing story? — James K. Scott, Ashland

While I support all forms of agriculture and farming, mostly organic, I believe Measure 15-119, the proposed ban on genetically modified crops, is bad for Jackson County.

At a time when we are struggling to keep libraries open and preserve programs like 4-H and the Extension Service, we can't afford this measure. The Jackson County administrator announced that if the measure passes, it will cost the county nearly $260,000 to administer, plus potentially millions in abatement costs, all while exposing the county to the risk of litigation. To funnel more money away from things we really need like basic public safety services and libraries in order to prevent the growing of GMOs when science and all the studies we have point to their safety and benefits, it is misguided and unwise. Jackson County residents should reject this measure and focus our resources on more important things. — Hugh Charley, Medford

In 2006 I moved to Jackson County. I was challenged to use dry pasture and eliminate the yellow star thistle on my 20 acres. After a year of wasting time and dollars I was introduced to the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center and used their training and technical advice to efficiently plan and manage my land by being a part of the Land Steward Program.

Under the leadership of the County Extension office staff, a community of resource participants have developed skills that are openly shared across Extension programs to support folks that are past residents or new to the Rogue Valley involved in protecting our valuable land and water assets. I have seen success on my property and am writing to ask voters to vote yes on Measure 15-121 so we can continue to have valuable Extension services available to Jackson County. — Ron Hillers, Ashland

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