The front page of your paper today says "thousands in Oregon can't afford health plans." How can this be? Obama calls it the "Affordable Care Act." This should come as no surprise. People have told us for four years now that Obamacare was terribly flawed and should be scrapped. Unfortunately, people didn't listen. — Richard Cody, Applegate

I would like to express my agreement with the letter from Janis Rosenthal (March 18).

The natural world and its creatures are part of our world. We negate our humanity by ignoring its feeling and well-being. Please, let's think of ways for children to draw closer to the natural world rather than seeing it as a source of exploitation and entertainment. — Barbara Vlahos, Central Point

OSU Extension and the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center (SOREC) play a vital role in our community. They help landowners care for their forests and woodlands; they help farmers and ranchers effectively manage their lands; they teach rural landowners how to protect their properties; and they build a foundation for lifelong conservation through 4-H. Their efforts contribute to the cultural and economic legacy of our region, something we all benefit from.

As the local land conservation organization, we witness the results of OSU Extension every day when working with local landowners who have protected the extraordinary conservation values of our region. OSU Extension is celebrating its 100th year of service to our region. We urge Jackson County voters to Vote yes on Measure 15-121 on May 20. We need Extension here for the next 100 years! — Diane Garcia, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy

Alan Bates told us in a KDOV interview on March 14 that he was checking every three or four weeks on the implementation of Cover Oregon but that he was lied to over and over. Throughout 2012 there were contradictory reports coming out that Cover Oregon was underperforming on 10 of 12 measures.

Didn't Dr. Bates, the supposed expert on health, know about these and ask Oracle to explain the discrepancies? If he did know, or ignored the reports, is that what he calls "checking"? This is his signature legislation — you would think he would take a more serious interest in finding out what really was going on, rather than simply trusting what he was told. All of Oregon is paying for his rosy but naive view of the world. It's time to retire Dr. Bates. — Andrew Read, Medford

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