The mystery of the missing airliner made me think of an incident many years ago. In 1961 or 1962 I had to go from Clark Air Force Base in The Philippines to Guam for a maintenance conference. When finished, I went to base operations to see about getting a hop back to Clark. They said the only flight to Clark that day coming through about 7 p.m., but it was loaded with 90-odd Rangers on the way to Vietnam. They said if anyone got off (doubtful), I could get on. No one got off.

The next day I got my hop and a soon as we were airborne the pilot came on the intercom and said to keep our eyes open as a plane was missing. No one saw anything. For a short time there were rumors that it had been hijacked due to the Rangers.

A friend of mine who worked at Clark base operations said they had search planes out every day for several days and found absolutely nothing. No debris, no oil slick, nothing. So far as I know, there was never any communication with the pilot and nothing was ever found of this aircraft. — Ralph O. Wyant, Eagle Point

GMOs are not going away. Bigger farms, thousands of acres, are possible using pesticide-tolerant plants. Here in the Rogue Valley, we have smaller farms and a dedicated core of specialty farmers able to produce the highest quality food, wine, seed and other products. We cannot compete in low-margin commodities.

It is a myth that 15-119 primarily benefits organic farmers. The demand for GMO-free food is not going away. Consumers pay a premium for all GMO-free products. We can provide that here in the Rogue Valley.

New GMO plant types are being released each year. Soon, restricting them from our valley will be impossible. The right of farmers to grow and consumers to buy GMO-free products should not be taken away. Our Rogue Valley agricultural future is brighter without them. Now is the time to say "not here." Vote yes on 15-119. — Jonathan Spero, Grants Pass

Members of the same family assigned different doctors. Four thousand pregnant undocumented immigrants mistakenly enrolled in OHP. It's so bad that the U.S. Government Accountability Office is auditing how $304 million federal dollars were spent on the Cover Oregon website, which has yet to enroll a single person online without assistance.

The constant barrage of such new reports illustrate the hubris of Alan Bates in believing that everyone should have the same government-designed health insurance regardless of age, sex, family medical history, occupation, risk or anything else that makes us individuals rather than interchangeable parts in his brave new world. Hold this man accountable for the mess he has created and replace him with Dave Dotterrer in November. — Sandy Abercrombie, Medford

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