In the March 12 MT editorial "Missing half the equation" the writers hypothesize that men and women are equal and that should be reflected numerically in the political election arena. It is naive and politically correct nonsense to posit such a prejudice.

Who plays better at NFL football? Who makes better Boston cream pie? Who brings life into the world better so that we can have liberty and pursuit of happiness? Who can hit a golf ball farther? Who's a better king? Who's a better queen?

The equality argument has always been and will be absurd. Women and men are different and unequally equal.

It is the opportunity that matters and in the political arena it is the public, which by inference you feel is too stupid to furnish your utopian equality dreams with more of the fairer sex which they have not as yet decided by acclamation to do. Making the mocking epithet that "the days of a woman's place is in the home are behind us" demeans those sacrificial moms that are raising strong citizens to preserve silly editorials like yours to be read.

Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher are what Americans would support. Nothing less for the U.S. — Joel Marks, Medford

"GMO Money Blues" doesn't address the real costs of genetically modified organisms:

1. Health concerns about eating plants with bacteria genes inserted into their DNA.

2. Excessive Roundup herbicide use poisoning soil and food.

3. Wind- and insect-borne GMO pollen contaminating farms.

4. Economic failure of farms, whose GMO-tainted meat, produce and seeds are unmarketable to countries who closely control/ban GMO products.

5. No legal recourse for farmers whose lands are ruined.

Measure 15-119 will kick out GMO beet growers spreading throughout Jackson County — over 20 operations leased by Swiss multinational Syngenta. No GMO sugar beets are allowed in Europe, Southeast Asia or China; why here?

The local May election, supposedly decided by Jackson County voters, has already received more than $130,000 in contributions from some 18 out-of-state GMO sugar companies/cooperatives. They're worried we'll do the right thing. Yes, we can. Check out www.ourfamilyfarmscoalition.org. Yes on Measure 15-119! — Steve Pierce, Ashland

I just want to put in my 2 cents' worth regarding the Jackson County Extension Service. This is a very important organization. They support so many wholesome, community-oriented, charity and educational activities that it would be a crying shame if it were closed. With so many people moving to Southern Oregon from other states, it is important for them to have this resource available. With the massive amount of changes going on in our communities, we need the expertise, based on scientific information, to take care of ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

As a certified and active Master Gardener since 2009, I can't imagine the services offered at the Extension Service not available. — Jan Laine, Central Point

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