I read your article on Presidents Day, and googled a few articles... but this is what I remember. My schooling was in Newark, N.J., and Los Angeles, Calif. from 1943-1956.

In both those states, Lincoln's Birthday was celebrated Feb. 12. Many lessons were given, Gettysburg Addresses to memorize, etc., and it was a school holiday.

Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22, was also celebrated. Lessons were given about our first president, and it too, was a school holiday. Around l968, it was discussed that two holidays in February made it a very short month, and the days coming at random times didn't allow a three-day holiday. After much discussion, it was decided to combine the two presidents' birthdays, and make one Presidents Day which would be celebrated the last Monday in February.

My theory is that this new day falls closer to (and occasionally on) Washington's Birthday, and poor old Lincoln is sort of lost in the shuffle. Anyone else remember this as I do? And, does anyone memorize anything now? — Diane L. Stewart, Phoenix

If liberals want us free-thinkers to believe whatever they tell us, they'll need to stop relying on rhetoric and start using real facts to support their positions.

We thinkers know that the climate is always in a state of flux, so if libs tell us the climate is changing, we'll gladly stipulate to that. But when they tell us we're causing the climate change, we expect them to prove it — and so far they haven't.

It's just like their insinuation that gays are born that way. No research study has ever found a gay gene, but libs insist that fat lie is true with nothing to back it.

Their president is a proven liar too, as are many of the liberal members of Congress and liberal employees of agencies like the IRS and EPA. We have finally reached the point where we cannot believe anything they claim. We now assume they are lying about everything!

Libs should clean up their act. If they ever want us thinkers to see things their way, they'll need more than brow-beating claims, because repeating a lie never becomes truth no matter how many times you repeat it. — Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Citizens for a Safe Ashland appear to be more concerned about children seeing law-abiding citizens lawfully carrying loaded firearms in public than they are about naked people skating and riding bicycles on the public streets of Ashland in front of schools.

I have the right to possess the means to protect myself and my family when we are in Ashland. Will the Citizens for a Safe Ashland and the Ashland City Council take full responsibility and guarantee the same level of safety and protection that I can provide for myself and my family? I prefer not to be a part of a flock of defenseless sheep.

An ordinance prohibiting the lawful carrying of loaded firearms in public will do nothing to make Ashland a safer city. If anything it will only make Ashland a potential killing field for the violent mentally ill and violent criminals who simply ignore all gun laws and ordinances. — Robert McKean, Phoenix

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