The American bulldog was developed in America as an all-around family dog and farm/ranch dog and is still called a "cow dog" by some old-timers. It is the iconic American dog of the old "Spanky and our gang" movies. These dogs were decorated as heroes in our wars. Unfortunately some people used these and many other dogs as "pit" fighters thus the name "pit bull." Any dog of any breed used for fighting was a "pit" dog.

Now some criminals and irresponsible owners, like football player and dog killer Michael Vick, have chosen "pit bulls." In the past they chose shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers and they were then subjects of dog-breed legislation.

Like racism stereotypes a race, this "breedism" stereotypes a breed. My pit/Lab mix has been attacked by unleashed Jack Russells, Labs and a boxer while being walked on a leash on public property. She has never been hostile or initiated a fight. These incidents do not appear in Chief George's statistics.

Please don't punish responsible dog owners and this lovable American original breed because some irresponsible owners, including gang members and drug dealers, may own the breed. — Michael Ferolito, Talent

So the "long and fitful" execution of a convicted killer in Ohio took 26 minutes of gasps and snorts to do him in. Well, boo-hoo!

The killer's son said, "Nobody deserves to go through that." Could be, maybe he was referring to the gasps and snorts (in between pleas for life) of his old man's murder victims. — L.A. Mancuso, Grants Pass

My own daughters attended South Medford High School. Their teachers were competent and compassionate toward students.

Teachers tend to be people-pleasers and Medford teachers have not threatened to strike in decades (or maybe ever). They have compromised during every contract re-negotiation which happens every two or three years. The fact that they may strike now tells me that there is something significantly wrong with what they are being offered by the Medford School Board.

Trust your teachers. Call the Medford School Board members and tell them to offer the teachers a better contract. — Lorraine Linder, Medford

I thought your readers would be interested to know that I have written a book that is based on letters to the editor published in the Mail Tribune. The book, "Protesters United — Alternative Solutions," incorporates 72 letters written to the paper over a three- to four-year period.

The letters focus on the condition of our country locally and nationally. The book, which is available at amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, reveals alternative political and economic solutions for a better world as predicted by Edward Bellamy's dream in the novel "Looking Backward." — Edmond Dantes Vongehr, Medford

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