To the people who stopped at my driveway on Pioneer Road while I was in bed and cut my live Cedar tree in half to get a free Christmas tree, you really have no understanding of what Christmas means. You quickly cut the top half and took off.

My son and I planted that tree together over 20 years ago and I was looking forward to enjoying it's beauty for years to come. To you it was just something to steal, decorate and throw away when done, but to me it was a memory of my son who no longer lives in the area, and our time being together.

If you wanted a tree that badly and couldn't afford it, I would have gladly helped you find one, but instead you just took what you wanted with no concern for other people's property or feelings. I hope and pray God opens your eyes and touches your heart and you begin to realize what you did was wrong. I also want you to know I'm not angry, just disheartened and disappointed that someone would be so lazy or desperate for a Christmas tree that they would actually steal one. — John D. Csaftis, Medford

I don't know enough about the School Board and teacher situation to truly comment on it and not catch a bunch of flak from either side. I do know how I feel and have always felt about teachers, though.

Money aside, teachers (even the hated ones) have one of the toughest jobs. They have to try and figure out how your child learns and then try and work with every child to be able to get them to learn. Not just comprehend, but hold that knowledge in.

I had two teachers in my lifetime that I loved, and still to this day remember things that were taught to me, and I was one of those bored kids who hated school so was not easy to teach.

millions, and when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, who taught those politicians, ballplayers, singers and actors? Teachers. They are the staple in every child's life no matter what race, creed or religion. They may not even be a school teacher, but there is a special "teacher" in everyone's life.

I hope and pray that whatever issues our school board and teachers have get resolved because I know that my son loves school! — Danielle Sharpe, Medford

I would like to thank those public servants who are out in the ice, fog and dirty air when people are advised to stay inside for their health and who are out working in 110-degree summer heat when construction workers and farmworkers have quit for the day.

These people have a dangerous job considering traffic, criminals and animal attacks. Many are injured and some die. These would be your letter carriers.

The U.S. Postal Service is the only agency required to fund future retiree health benefits for 75 years into the future. Aside from that unreasonable burden, the Postal Service had a $600 million surplus for 2013. It seems competitors are funding candidates who, like the postmaster general himself, are working to cripple the USPS rather than manage to succeed.

The Postal Service is the most dependable business I deal with. I thank my letter carrier. — Mike Ferolito, Talent

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