Has Tracy Eager considered having enlarged prints or posters made up of his beautiful picture taken in Lithia Park? I for one would stand in line to have one to frame and hang on a wall where I could enjoy it every day.

Thanks Mail Tribune for "Fall Colors Photos" in your Nov. 17 edition. — Shirley Langston, Medford

Congratulations to the Democrats in the U.S. Senate for calling the GOP and tea party's bluff.

Give a fool enough rope and they will hang themselves. And what happened on Thursday of last week? They hung themselves!

President Obama was elected twice as president of the United States. He deserved to have individuals who are qualified to have an up or down vote in The U.S. Senate. If the GOP and tea party wants the responsibility of appointing judges on the federal bench, win a presidential election! — Lindsay Earl Paulk, White City

Thank you for the informative article on the Sam Jennings Company and its struggles against the local power structure trying to crush them. Thank you also for the following quotes by our mayor, "We wanted to inform the council, because he's accusing us of behind-closed-door activities, and that's just not the case," and "I don't object to the business being there." These two untruths would seem to establish his credentials as a true politician for and of our times. I'm guessing that an honest poll of every local property owner would show huge support for the Reisinger family as they battle this Goliath. — Joe Lee, Medford

Thank you for your attention to Ashland's plastic bag ban plans. We think the first step in this process is education and that Ashland will respond, so thank you for helping encourage the idea.

We may be moving there "slowly" — others might say certainly. But we are taking the steps that make sense for our community and we hope other communities will also come on board soon. Perhaps Medford will give it some thought soon?

May I assume from your support of this plan that soon you will find something besides plastic bags in which to deliver your newspaper?

For full disclosure, I serve on the Ashland City Council. — Dennis Slattery, Ashland

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