The editor's one-sided opinion of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission neglects students.

TSPC's mission statement: "To establish, uphold and enforce professional standards of excellence and communicate those standards to the public and educators for the benefit of Oregon's students." When student safety issues exist, this is the only state organization with some accountability.

When laws (OAR 584-070-0120) are ignored, citizens must have a way to protect students. When counselors, support staff and board members witness students being harmed, they cannot ignore it. There were approximately seven of these witnesses ready to testify about the negative student impacts resulting from counselors without a college education or license.

Cynda Rickert's attorney tactics prevented these witness' testimony.

May 19, 2010 District 9 Budget Committee meeting minutes: "Mr. Barber explained that Dave Carrigan's position was replaced with one full time and three 3.75 hour classified employees to act as academic advisors." A 12-12-12 letter signed by board members Grissom, Dole and Olsen: "We acknowledge that the district under Superintendent Rickert has hired support staff to provide academic advising."

TSPC may have some things to clean up, but the editor is being duped by the wrong person playing the victim role. Students lose again. — Jim Mannenbach, Eagle Point

I could have kept my grandfathered health insurance, but on www.coveroregon.com I found a much better plan, with half the deductible, excellent prescription coverage and lower copays. My husband wouldn't have wanted his plan even if it had been offered, with its high deductible, that only covered 70 percent of expenses, and cost $200 a month more than the ACA "gold" plan we found. I signed us up in about 10 minutes by going to the company's website.

If we'd had these plans this year, they would have saved us over $5,000 in premiums and health care.

I was surprised to learn that no matter which ACA plan you choose, the most an individual can spend on health care is $6,000 or $6,350 per year, including the deductible. Without the ACA, there may be no limit to how much you will have to pay — but there may be a limit to how much the insurance company will pay for your care.

For many people like us, who are completely at the mercy of the insurance companies we had before we got a "pre-existing condition," Obamacare is a life-saver, and going back to the way things were would be a disaster. — Gretchen Hunter, Eagle Point

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