Once I was a young reporter for the Trib like Chris Conrad, and I got kinda burned out and left for supposedly greener pastures. I enjoyed my new career and did well, but you know what? Being a reporter for the Muddy Tributary was the best job I ever had. Perhaps Chris won't be saying that when he is 70, but he might think about it.

To the voters of Jackson County, it's time to ignore the big money ads we'll soon be watching on TV and vote "Yes" for Measure 15-119 to ban the growing of GMO crops and "Yes" for libraries in next May's primary election.

Is Greg Walden kidding? He voted to shut down the federal government because he was afraid a Klamath County commissioner with tea party views might "primary" him? Now, he'd better worry about the general election. He and his ilk are why Congress has a 9 percent approval rating.

As for President Obama, we told him not to allow the insurance companies to be key players in his health care program. I bet he wishes now he'd have pushed hard for Medicare for all. — Allen Hallmark, Talent

As a resident of Williams and hiker, I am concerned about Rep. Peter DeFazio and Sen. Ron Wyden's proposal to log O&C lands for revenue. It is a short-term fix and will destroy the scenic beauty of these lands, creating an ugly patchwork of clearcuts.

This proposal exempts these lands from protection of the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act and other standards regularly applied to logging on O&C lands. This would increase sediment in streams, destroying fish and wildlife habitat. It would release large amounts of carbon dioxide currently stored in trees, roots and soils.

Cutting large trees reduces the water fall as water vapor from fog filters through limbs and needles, dropping on the earth, which can produce up to 20 inches of water per year. We need our trees.

I urge Representative DeFazio, Senator Wyden and other leaders to suspend further action on this proposal until they can provide to the public a full accounting of all costs as well as benefits of this proposal. I also urge that the long-term benefits of tourism, recreation and sustainable forest practices and products be fully explored. — Helon Howard, Williams

I am a 59-year-old woman in the individual health care marketplace. From what I can see on the Cover Oregon website, my premiums will almost double and the coverage I receive will be worse. I feel there are primarily two reasons why this is. 1) I will be helping people who cannot afford their premium — this I am OK with. 2) The insurance companies will make more money — this I am not OK with.

This bill is a series of compromises with Congress and with insurance companies. It is a start, but what we really need is for Congress to do their work and improve this bill. I would like to see basic health care affordable for all. Let's face it, the wealthy will always have more choice which includes better healthcare. — Judy Holy, Ashland

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