It's time to stop the negative talk about Medford teachers.

The Mail Tribune reported an offer of a 10 percent raise. After adding six additional days, a 3.12 percent work increase and having teachers pay their 6 percent required PERS contribution, that leaves .08 percent (which may be gobbled up by health insurance). Where is the raise?

The teachers want the 40-hour workweek language in the contract. Why? They give the district control of 40 hours, but they want time to do the essentials, plan lessons and assess assignments.

Teachers are not "bullying the school board." Teachers are working without a contract yet providing quality lessons for students, revising curriculum to fit new standards, attending professional development, counseling with parents and tutoring students who need extra help. Teachers work 10-plus hours a day and on weekends. They have a right to be heard.

It's time to remove the weight of disrespect off the backs of Medford teachers.

It is time for the parents and the community to step up and insist that the district offer a respectful contract for its teachers.

It is time for everyone to get back to doing what is most important, focusing on the students. — Joel and Leeanne Wallace, Central Point

I loved the Nov. 10 cartoon about Curry County showing people driving by saying "ignore him." The people driving by are the ones who voted to pass the measure because they can still afford gas in their cars. Other people cannot pay utilities or gas costs. They are the ones who voted this down.

The letter regarding "wads of cash" are also ones who are still able to get out and about. Everyone has the same problem. People are having difficulty keeping a roof over their heads. — Janice D. Anders, Medford

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1833 and the Ladies Auxiliary wish to thank the many people who helped with our poppy drive. Also, thanks to the businesses who allowed us to stand in front of their establishments. — Ernie and Muriel Gallo, Medford

Support the troops?

The best support is to wage peace as hard as we can before we put their lives at risk. The best support is giving them the best safety equipment and tools to work with.

The best way to support them is to do our duty caring for their families while they are away. The best way to support them is to give them (and their families) unstinting care when they return.

The best way to support them is to have a well-run, happy country to come home to. Anything less isn't support: It's lip service. — Lin Scarrow, Gold Hill

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