I completely agree with your article, "Speaker says bullying should be seen as assault."

Bullying has been a growing issue for our society, especially since the increase of digital media usage for teenagers. There have been too many instances when the victim just couldn't take it anymore and the tormenting leads to suicide. My high school friend was bullied and as a result she took her own life because that's what her bully told her to do.

Innocent students are being victimized, which results in depression, resentment and other emotional issues that could lead to the loss of lives. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers, averaging about 4,400 deaths a year. For every suicide, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. In order to lower these statistics and assist young people, we need to make a punishment for bullies. By charging assault to every person who bullies another will help decrease the numbers of suicides and attempts. This is a great topic to discuss and I hope there is a follow-up article explaining the passed law to charge bullies with assault, because this horrific act needs to end. — Mallory Tacdol, Medford

Last month's game found Walden hiding behind his 0 percent environmental voting record (nice going, Greg!) and this month? Where's Waldo ... er, Walden? Why, he's voting with 143 other house tea partyers to default on the U.S.'s debt ceiling and not increase the spending cap. Super job, Congressman! — Terry Doyle, Ashland

Welfare recipients (56,000 thus far) are enrolling in Medicaid. Sunday's political cartoon states that Oregon has a single-payer health plan (Medicaid). Since those enrolled in Medicaid pay nothing for health insurance the single payer must be the taxpayer.

Cover Oregon received $1.8 billion from the federal government. The life span of this $1.8 billion is approximately three years. Then what? — Bill Hartley, Medford

The first weekend after Oct. 15 is many times the busiest weekend on the Scenic section of the Rogue. chinook salmon are spawning and the half pounder steelhead run is peaking.

We launched at Argo riffle at 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 18. The river was dark red. The red plume followed us for three days, finally dissipating on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Why no notification to downriver users? No postings, nothing. Bad enough for the rafters/fishermen, but what about the spawning chinook?

Hopefully whoever was in "charge" of this event will learn that 15 gallons in Medford made its way through Blossom Bar and beyond, still greatly reducing visibility in the river.

Someone needs to recalculate how much is needed for these "dispersal" tests because I witnessed that dispersal can take days and a hundred miles of river. — John H. Brown, Eugene

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