Nice to have Mr. Rogers's empty opinion about socialized medicine (MT Aug. 25). But that's all it is — empty — without supporting evidence.

It's contrary to our experience with government — a record of wasteful redundancies in spades.

Every day there are news stories about negative consequences of the Oregon Health Plan/Obamacare: Aug. 26 — the massive number of doctors retiring rather then suffer the expense and time for useless paperwork.

Doctors are refusing to take on new patients for Medicare and Medicaid. On Aug. 24 UPS announced that it is cutting employee spouses from health insurance.

Companies are cutting workers to part-time to avoid paying for medical insurance or federal fines. Insurance premiums, in many states, are skyrocketing.

Dr. Bates is one of those who think good intentions are all that are needed for good results.

We are finding out how naive and disastrous that is from someone who is supposedly bipartisan. — Robert Olsson, Rogue River

Dear congresspersons,

Please consider the following bill that will defund:

1) Your government cafeteria.

2) Your government health insurance.

3) Your government pension program.

4) Your government salary by at least 50 percent.

While you are at it, outsource your jobs to the Canadian Parliament, which seems to still have a bit of common sense. — Ronald Steffani, Ashland

I am outraged that Gov. Kitzhaber would bend to corporate pressure and sell out the citizens of Oregon.

SB 633 poses a serious threat to the livelihood of local organic farmers, the economy of Oregon as well as sustainable and healthy food sources for all the citizens of this great state. Shame on him. — L. Michael Adams, Medford

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