In 2012 there were 340 record high temperatures in Greg Walden's district and between 2012 and the historical data, the temperature difference was 1.34 degrees. There were also 41 votes to affect climate change in a positive direction. Walden's batting average? Zero for 41. That's right, 100 percent short-term pro-business, anti-science and ultimately destructive to the environment.

The data were compiled by Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Walden has forgotten the first part of that committee's duties: the environment of the place we all live. Time for a change. — Terry Doyle, Ashland

I am always skeptical when someone tells me that something is free.

Nothing is free. Even if it does not cost you money, it has a price.

The price may be your integrity or may be your dignity when someone else needs to pay the actual fiscal price in order for it not to cost you any money. The price may come at the expense of everyone's freedom, when someone is not responsible for their own choices and seek to shift the blame onto another entity.

This lack of personal responsibility and accountability shifts the responsibility of maintaining a cohesive and solvent community to the government. A little common sense, a little common courtesy, personal discipline and personal responsibility by all make many of government's rules and regulations unnecessary and greatly diminish the need for, the duration of, and the extent of many social programs.

Freedom is a responsibility. When we as a society do not take responsibility for the choices we make we will lose the freedom that so many have given everything for. — J. Cole, Jacksonville

Excellent guest opinion by Mark Kellenbeck of Main Street Alliance clarifying how big money negatively affects small businesses, not just individuals.

The ruling in favor of Citizens United by the U.S. Supreme Court watered down the effect of every person's vote to elect good people to government posts, and every person's voice when it comes to important issues that affect the whole populace. Countrywide, small to medium-size businesses of the kind that are so successful and numerous in Oregon can no longer count on equal consideration when there's an often-unidentified, wealthier, louder "voice" in the room.

Citizens United is a travesty that needs to be overturned, as clearly illustrated by the flood of money spent by huge corporations and their minions to influence outcomes in the last general election, accomplished largely through unlimited donations to Political Action Committees (SuperPACs) which shelter the identity of donors.

This is a trans-partisan issue, and an amendment to the United States Constitution is needed to clarify that it was written, and has been amended many times, to guide common law for citizens and protect their equal rights.

People create legal, fictitious entities called corporations. Corporations cannot morph into people. — Gail Beason, Talent

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