I have been a vocal critic of the Mount Ashland expansion. I commend Mount A for making reasonable improvements within the existing boundaries.

I am a former ski instructor on the mountain and can appreciate how much recontouring the Sonnet beginner slope will facilitate teaching and learning. Creating 101 new parking spaces will help the mountain financially. There was a shuttle service and that failed due to lack of ridership.

I hope that Jackson County will move quickly to deny the appeal made by Eric Navickas to delay these improvements. — Pete Toogood, Ashland

Please don't leave your pets in the car when you run errands or go shopping! The inside of your car will heat up to well over 100 degrees within minutes (even with the windows down). Your dog or cat can not withstand that kind of intense heat. Please let your pets stay home! — Teena Anderson, Medford

There was a news story on KDRV the other night about abandoned houses and declaring some of them a nuisance.

Why doesn't the bank or whoever foreclosed on these houses be made responsible for keeping them clean inside and out, since they actually own the property at this point? If they don't, fine them or charge the bank or whoever a fee for having it cleaned and maintained until it is sold again or demolished. The city needs to step up and hold whoever is holding title to the house responsible for maintaining it. — Nan Freitas, Medford

Like editors, lawmakers can't be expert in everything. They vote for many laws while knowing the benefits and downsides of a few. They are informed by those who profit, but victims are not easily heard.

An example is the vaccine education law, and your "balance" editorial of June 11. The editorial could well have been copied from drug industry blurbs.

How many of us need more education about vaccination? It has been drummed into us for years. Those who resist are usually those who know some of the statistics, like the better health of unvaccinated children and the very low effectiveness of some vaccines. Now they will hear lectures by "experts" who assume favorable statistics.

We hear many complaints about obstructionists in Salem and Washington. If we'd had even one obstructionist Democrat, who didn't fear the leader's whips, we could have no Affordable Care Act mess, and (wishful thinking) some lawmakers who would look at real medical reform.

The first duty of a lawmaker is to obstruct bad legislation after they have consulted with potential victims who know the issue. We urgently need lawmakers who would obstruct the race toward ever more executive power. — Ira Edwards, Medford

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