City Councilman Chris Corcoran was responsive in his efforts to help clean up an alley where transients took up residence. They dragged in a broken couch — half of the stuffing pulled out, chair with no arms, two makeshift beds and garbage 5 inches deep. They were drunk and noisy half the night.

After almost a year of asking for help, I called Chris Corcoran, and within two days the whole process was started. Code enforcement was here within two days.

To the rescue was Salvador Garcia. He walked around the neighborhood and people stopped to talk with him and let him know their frustration. Garcia was every bit the professional in dealing with the residents. With no excuses, no passing the buck, just good old-fashioned hard work, he had all the debris hauled off in about two days.

The alley residents have not been back. Code enforcement walking tall.

The third party that brought all of this to a positive outcome was city manager Eric Swanson's office staff spearheaded by Winnie Shepard. The office staff displayed outstanding organizational skills in bringing all parties together to form a strong team to solve a dangerous problem. — Kip Grant, Medford

My name is Connor McKeehan. I am a Star Scout from Troop 7. I would like to thank everyone that came out and supported the Troop 7, July Fourth Pancake Breakfast in Central Point.

Without the community support, we would not have this amazing Troop 7 tradition for the past five years. We would like to thank the individuals and businesses that donated supplies and items for our silent auction. The funds that we earn through this fundraiser go into our individual Scout accounts. These accounts help toward our scouting needs or summer camps. Thank you again; I hope to see you next year. — Connor McKeehan, Phoenix Patrol, Troop 7

The parents of Trayvon Martin, the media race baiters/panderers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, as well as supporters who appear incapable of understanding or accepting our system of justice screamed long and loudly for "Justice for Trayvon," finally getting a biased special prosecutor, Angela Corey, a woman who is now under investigation for withholding evidence from the defense, to bring totally unsupported charges of second-degree murder against George Zimmerman.

However, when a jury of his peers, chosen by both prosecution and defense, after evaluating all evidence and in accord with Florida laws, returns a verdict of not guilty, these same people and groups refuse to accept their finding, scream foul, and insist that the most corrupt Justice Department in history charge Zimmerman with a hate crime. This, of course, reveals the true nature of their original desire, which was not justice, as justice was indeed served, but rather they wanted revenge.

Perhaps they ought to recall two old adages, the first of which says, "Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind" and the second which says, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." — Gaither B. Everett, Medford

Steve Van Andel, co-CEO of Amway, writing on the opinion page July 7, blames government regulation and intervention for America's problems. His solution: unfettered free enterprise which, he states, is "the best system ever devised."

Historical fact, and an obituary (MT July 9), soundly refute that argument.

The obituary is that of a man so interesting I wish I'd known him. Born at the beginning of the Great Depression, his mother died from starvation soon after his birth. Hunger was widespread at that time. President Hoover, a champion of the free market, believed that private enterprise, not the government, should provide relief. The most richly endowed nation on the planet was reduced to a place of poverty and suffering by the very system Van Andel advocates.

During World War II, because the "best system ever devised" could not be trusted to place national interest above other interests, America abandoned the free market in favor of a system of price controls and rationing. With victory came the knowledge that Ford and GM were invested in the German war machine. More recently, the free market has replaced Made in USA with Made in China. — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

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