On Friday, President Obama provided honest and thoughtful reflections on race in America.

Anyone who doubts whether racism remains a problem need only look at the rabid reaction from the far right, projecting their hatred onto him and calling him a racist. They truly have no shame.

Forty years of voting rights have obviously not been sufficient to offset 350 years of brutal oppression, despite the delusions of the Supreme Court's Republican majority. — Michael Steely, Medford

So the MT would have us "non-cognoscenti" (and transplanted Bostonians) believe Rolling Stone's latest issue with a self-serving photo of the "marathon bomber" on its cover and divisive pap for text is good journalism?

Not to one who saw the carnage wreaked on innocent people by a terrorist supposedly the victim of a broken home. Sell your tripe to the loony demonstrators who actually believe it! Far cry from the journalism I wrote. — Kurt Austermann, Medford

DellaSala's Sunday guest opinion headline "BLM lands give us clean water" was exactly correct.

"Well-managed watersheds" are "unlogged watersheds," and "water supplies" are "over-allocated." And yes, I do look out my window. What I now see is an almost dry creekbed (Trail Creek four miles from the Rogue River). The creek's surface water flow has stopped.

Yes, all we have to do is look around. It's simple! It doesn't take a rocket scientist. — Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Fact: In 1996, a library levy was passed.

Fact: In 1996, it was decided to combine the library levy with the Sheriff's Department levy and the county road levy under Measure 47. It was stated in the voter's pamphlet the purpose was to provide permanent funding for these three departments. Only, an obscure provision in Measure 47 made it unconstitutional. A "fix" for 47 was Measure 50. Fact: Measure 50 did not change the purpose for the combined levies.

Fact: In 2005, they wanted more money or they would close the libraries. They stated the money from the combined levy was in the General Fund and they could do with it as they pleased.

Fact: The libraries were eventually closed for six months.

Fact: They opened the libraries but at only for half the hours than before.

Fact: Now they want a separate taxing district or another library levy to keep the libraries open.

Fact: It was stated in 2007 that another library levy would not necessarily be used for the libraries since that money would also go into the General Fund.

Fact: I will not vote for another library levy. I am already paying for libraries. — Randall Hale, Medford

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