I would take Mr. Bennett's suggestion in his July 16 letter seriously were it not for the fact that the Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank which, along with the rest of the right-wing conservative community in the U.S., is dedicated to doing any and everything they can to wreck the Obama administration. So, of course, they're going to say that the immigration bill, which has become stalled in the House, is terrible, and that the Affordable Health Care Act, which hasn't even been fully implemented yet, is terrible.

What should be considered is why so many people among Republicans and conservatives hate Obama so much. If half as much energy were devoted to such things as improving schools and ensuring that no child in America goes to bed hungry, we would be better off still. And it should also be asked why Republicans and conservatives aren't doing anything about those two issues, either. — Gregory Avery, Medford

Is it reasonable to spend untold dollars to expand an enterprise that almost always operates in the red? Is it reasonable to provide expanded parking for the few days a year that adequate snow creates overcrowding? Is it reasonable to assume that there will be more snowfall in coming winters?

Do the residents of Colestine Valley think more traffic up their access road is reasonable? Is it reasonable to move rocks and dirt to the Ashland Creek Watershed (recontouring the beginner run) when our city still struggles to rid the reservoir of silt from previous ski area expansion?

Isn't it reasonable to ask skiers to take a shuttle from the base of the mountain? Californians, like Rogue Valley residents, also preferred to drive their own vehicles. Now they suffer with the consequences, begging for public transit. If there were enough regular snow, wouldn't skiers be willing to take a shuttle?

Isn't it reasonable to continue to ask questions about the best ways to maintain our ski area and natural resources? Is it reasonable to label 50 percent of Ashland as "foes" when the majority of us would like to work together to find reasonable solutions? — Lynn Ransford, Ashland

After reading your article "All Pigs Are Equal," I have to quote what the young lady said in regard to selling her pig: "It's like raising your dog and then selling it."

Seriously? I don't think her pig is going to a good home, I think it's going to the slaughterhouse. FFA teaches kids to raise these poor animals like they are members of the family, then sell them to be slaughtered. I remember an FFA kid years ago sticking a hose down his pig's throat because it didn't make weight. He killed the pig. I think this whole practice stinks! — Sharyn "Jinx" Arthur, Gold Hill

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