Front page: west Medford gangs and criminal activity again!

Mail Tribune, how about highlighting something positive for a change? Run photos of historic west-side houses under restoration. Interview friendly, helpful (retired) folks that have bonded together for decades inside a tight-knit west community.

Downtown Medford is west (including the Mail Tribune), and it looks better than ever.

Scare tactics may sell a few newspapers but they trash the values of good citizens who live here. — N. Green, West Medford

What seems to be missing in the debate about increased taxes ("fees") for Jackson County libraries is a cost/benefit analysis.

How many individual people actually use the libraries and for what purposes? How much does each visit cost us?

I am older, a reader, and haven't been to a library in 25 years. Maybe the county just needs to keep open Internet café-type facilities instead of taxing homeowners to provide nonessential, obsolete services. Ashland taxpayers already are paying increased taxes for the town library. Another $120 per year? For sentimentality, not need. If you disagree with this, provide data. — G. Lockie, Ashland

The Congressional Budget Office recently reported that the Senate version of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will be a net win for the economy. But Heritage Foundation figures tell a different story. Heritage defines the bill as a huge burden for the taxpayers, which will drown the economy in debt. It's a complex bill, so to determine who's right it would make sense to compare it to the last complex bill that was passed out of Congress — Obamacare.

When Obamacare was originally passed, the CBO estimated costs to the public at $900 billion. The Heritage Foundation projected expenses to be much higher. Since that time, however, CBO estimates for Obamacare have doubled to $1.8 trillion — and their projections are still rising.

With that in mind, and getting back to the immigration reform bill, the CBO estimates the immigration bill will shrink America's debt by $197 billion over 10 years, while the Heritage Foundation concludes it will increase the country's debt by $6.3 trillion over 50 years.

So who's right? The CBO was profoundly wrong on Obamacare, while the Heritage Foundation fell closer to the mark. You make the call. — Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

I would like your readers to know of a wonderful exhibit being shown in town."50th year JFK Anniversary" showing images of John F. Kennedy's family. It is at the Medford Center next to Ashley Furniture, open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. It is a great opportunity to have this kind of exhibit in town. Everyone interested in history should go. It is from the private collection of Ms. Hailicka. Time spent here is worth it! Invite all your readers to go. — Maria Cristina Page, Medford

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