It seems the Eagle Point School Board is actually considering arming teachers to protect students from an attack by a crazed gunman.

Just think of the questions kids might ask. Guess who's packing, go on, guess? The math teacher? What if she gets really crazy mad at Spencer, the mouth? What if Big Jason tries to take the gun away from her? OK. What if she fires at the bad guy and the bullet ricochets and comes through the wall by mistake and kills me and my best friend? You know what? I bet my dad would sue them all, you know, if I got shot. Do you think I should carry my own little .22 to school and keep it in my locker just in case?

Questions to be answered by responsible adults. — Ralph Bowman, Central Point

After reading the front page of the Mail Tribune Friday, June 14, about arming school staff, I feel I must write my concern. I am against negative reinforcement for safety sake. We are Eagle Point, a bedroom community, not a big city.

We should be adults that focus on raising our children with a positive attitude about going to school and about living in Eagle Point. After all, our motto is "Positively Eagle Point."

There is too much focus on the next attack on a school. It seems like just yesterday we went through all the "what ifs" about drugs in school, too. Remember "Just Say No?" How is that working for us?

As adults in this fearful world, we know that drugs kill pain; that's why people take them. In the same vein, guns kill people; let's not increase those chances. When students go back to school in the fall our teachers' main focus should only be to teach. Let your School Board know you are against guns in school. — Janet Siedlecki, Eagle Point

I saw Smokie the veteran assistance dog and his handler on Thursday after they went for a last treat. He loves this dog, but he had met the family getting Smokie and said how much good Smokie would be for them. He's correct; Smokie is gentle and kind.

Going into this program the guys saved dogs, gave them unconditional love, trained them, never left them alone, while helping another veteran. This is complete dedication and giving of oneself for another.

I have been volunteering at Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics since April, on Mondays and Thursdays in The ALA Store (where we give away everything for free). It is the best thing I have ever done.

The residents are kind, helpful, compassionate and grateful. Our coffers are stretched pretty tight. We get veterans who arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs from all over the USA.

The residents are also mindful of having no alcohol in any of the personal care items. We give out quilts, personal supplies, shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sandals, lotion and snacks. We welcome donations, accepted at SORCC and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 15 at 100 E. Jackson St. — Kathy Wayne, Medford

The Los Angeles Times' editorial on food stamps (reprinted in the MT June 24) only touched upon the immediate situation and not causes or solutions.

Sure, the Republicans have no business cutting back on food stamps when they, along with their Democratic cohorts, caused the need for food stamps in the first place. Remember Ross Perot warning Americans about "that sucking sound" of American jobs being exported if NAFTA and GATT were passed? The Demopublicans passed it anyway.

Also, how much welfare is due to too much idiotic warfare? Then there is the Federal Reserve that systematically steals 10 percent of our wealth year after year to ensure that there is always enough loot for another war, or to set up a super-secret surveillance system by "the most transparent administration in history."

So it is kind of nice that our corporations-first government throws a few crumbs back to the rabble they created. Now if that rabble could only be informed enough to stop voting these fascists into office.. I can hardly wait for corporate-first Obummercare. — Tom Clunie, Ashland

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