Recently I heard that the GED program at Armadillo Tech had been cut, and I just want to say what a bad decision this was. My kids were homeschooled and they got their GEDs through this program, as did my son-in-law.

I know of a lot of other kids who would never have graduated if this program had not been available to them.

Unfortunately, there will now be a lot more who will be unable to get their GEDs. These kids will be hanging out on the streets with no diplomas and dismal futures, unable to get anything better than fast-food jobs. I urge the board members of Armadillo to think about that every time they're asked if they want fries with their burger. — Noni McCrillis, Talent

I am grateful for the crucial safeguards that ensure clean drinking water, places to get outdoors and recreate, and ancient forests will still be a part of Southern Oregon's awe-inspiring landscape.

I am also grateful to live in a community I know is capable of thinking out of the box and looking to new sources of job creation and economic growth, which includes increasing forest restoration, thinning and enhancing the incredible recreational opportunities that our public forests have to offer. These activities will provide jobs, timber and a future that is far more sustainable than the industrial model of clear cuts and herbicides sprayed across the beautiful hillsides of Southern Oregon's public forests. — Sheley Elkovich, Ashland

Except for the layout and size, it's interesting to note the similarities between Medford and Grants Pass, or should we say Jackson and Josephine counties?

Both have out-of-control crime rates, increasing gang problems, insufficient jail space, and at time inefficient jail personnel — a judicial system in both counties that could sure stand some serious attention.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on extravagant salaries and unneeded frills — I've lived here for most of my 85 years and have loved this area through most of them. Some will read this and say, "If it's as bad as you say, old man, why don't you leave?"

Simple answer: I can't, or I would! — Glen L. Murray, Grants Pass

After reading the article in the Tribune, my wife and I could hardly wait to go down to see the Kennedy collection on display, because we are also collectors.

Medford should also get excited because this is a very rare and exciting collection that has been put together. A collection of this quality found in Medford is unbelievable. This large collection is being shown with no charge, but I would hope that the donation box is not passed by, because a fortune has been spent to bring this to Medford. Anyone who misses this attraction is missing a bit of our national history. You can find the display in the Medford Center opposite the entrance to Tinseltown theater. — Frank and Jean Black, Medford

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