Few residents ignore warnings from the National Hurricane Center, the National Weather Service Tornado Warning Center, or the Earthquake Notification Service. No matter what their political affiliation.

In our response to climate change warnings, we should be similarly prudent and nonpartisan and pay attention to the National Academy of Sciences, just in case climate change is real. We should commit ourselves to addressing the cause. At worst, we will have a cleaner planet; at best we'll avoid catastrophe.

Do we want our grandchildren and beyond inheriting a planet that is essentially unlivable? No!

It is worth remembering that 97 percent of climate scientists endorse the view that the planet is warming and our carbon emissions are responsible. This is a consensus; the debate is over.

We should respond in a nonpartisan way to protect our planet and our legacy by taxing the fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) that are causing this global debacle. — Louise Shawkat, Ashland

First, require that legitimate courts sentence military rapists to civilian-grade prison terms not reversible by anyone but a panel of independent appellate judges.

Second, eliminate all she-said, he-said, he-said gray areas: Make all military sex without a chit illegal, as is the case with everything else in the military (my source is Cinderella Liberty) and with statutory marriage.

On the other hand, outrage at sexual assault in the military is hypocrisy on the order of insisting on bike helmets for children a few years before giving them the choice of becoming indentured students or of steering IED bait through a war zone. If you volunteer to kill people whom Republican election-stealers have mistargeted, how can you be self-righteous about being assaulted less than lethally yourself?

Why are we shocked when there's no sexual honor among our volunteer assassins?

Or close the circle by restoring the traditional, conservative, southern punishment for rape — death. — Hunter Greer, Ashland

The special section on June 2 of high school valedictorians was very nice.

Some of the girls were ballet students of mine. Rayna Gasik was one of the many young girls in my class who got to dance with the dance company that came from Russia to perform "The Nutcracker." Riley Finnegan also took lessons from me, and so did Carmen Mejia who also performed in one of our spring concerts.

They were all good students in their ballet classes and I feel proud to see them continue their education as they leave high school. — Kathy Eck, Jacksonville

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