There's a horrendous problem in Jackson County: no mental hospital or clinic! I cannot believe for a moment that there is not one person with a mental health problem in Jackson County. Often times, as with this article in the Tribune about a man who has not been helped, and therefore this man's behavioral problems have escalated, jail time is the result.

Many people who are not treated with medication for "normal" mental health escalate into criminal behavior, though they are not criminals. It is most important that the state provide money to build a mental health facility. There is a stigma still attached to mental health. Do you realize the amount of people in the USA who have depression, that they outnumber heart, diabetes and AIDS patients combined?

Don't fear mental health; try to understand it. I've worked in the field of psychology for 12 years and have also been on the other side of the coin. It's not an easy road for the mentally ill. Too often mentally ill patients stop taking their medications, which leads to greater problems. Then again, when mentally ill patients take their medications, they function fabulously. In fact, often times they are high achievers and creative workers. — Jeff Kassman, Ashland

Environmentalists frequently disseminate misleading information regarding management of federal forests in attempts to gain public support for their views and positions. Such misleading information occurred in Joseph Vaile's recent guest opinion.

Mr. Vaile states the need for a balanced approach in forest management that safeguards clean drinking water, water quality in rivers and scenic beauty. For years BLM has implemented such management activities through very knowledgeable and experienced professional employees.

For example, BLM timber sales are developed using approximately 15 program experts (foresters, hydrologists, soil scientists, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, fire specialists, landscape architects, etc.). Water quality and fish habitats are good.

BLM implements a large recreation program and reduces fire hazards through its management actions. Vaile states O&C lands are too valuable to clearcut and spray with herbicides. BLM hasn't sold timber sales for clearcutting prescriptions for many years. Federal land management agencies were stopped from using herbicides in the forest by a court injunction brought on by environmentalists in 1984.

Mr. Vaile stated he worked for the Medford BLM District, insinuating working there a long time. He did work for a few months one summer as a temporary employee. — David Jones, Medford

The Medford Cruise is now over for 2013. Congratulations to the Medford Cruise Board for a fabulous week of activities! This year's Show 'N Shine was outstanding, with many new cars not seen before in the valley. I would also like to thank KEZX AM 730 radio for broadcasting oldies all weekend instead of their regular sports programming. It was truly appreciated by more than just one "old timer" like me!

Thanks again to all the sponsors of the Cruise, to the city of Medford, and the Cruise Board. We'll be looking forward to next year! — Jill Stout, Central Point

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