Since the Extension Service returns approximately $8 for every dollar invested in it by Jackson County, and as far as I can see the county commissioners return doodly for their approximately six-figure salaries plus benefits, why don't the commissioners just resign? The money saved would easily fund the Extension Service, and the missing commissioners would not be missed by anyone. — Ed Cooper, Shady Cove

When even the chairman of Medford's Parking Commission recommends MURA spend its remaining funds on Hawthorne Park and Bear Creek rather than yet more downtown parking (May 20 Mail Tribune), you know that MURA is intent on throwing more good money after bad.

The fact that MURA has spent half its $70 million on downtown parking is outrageous. That's exactly what downtown Medford doesn't need.

What it needs are shops, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, cultural events and pleasant outdoor public spaces. What it already has are acres of parking lots, parking garages, and on-street parking, much of it sitting empty much of the time.

Why didn't MURA bring back the Holly Theatre? Why hasn't it upgraded Hawthorne and Alba parks and access to Bear Creek? Why hasn't it improved the dismal outdoor space next to the Craterian? Why hasn't it created public spaces where people can walk, sit and enjoy themselves without sitting next to constant through traffic? Why hasn't it renovated more of the few historic buildings left downtown?

And now it wants to spend $3 million of its last $10 million on — more downtown parking? — Julia Sommer, Ashland

How can we the people sleep at night when we hear that President Obama praises the organization that receives more than $500 million a year from taxpayers en route to killing a shockingly high number of our nation's unborn, defenseless lives? At Planned Parenthood's annual national conference, our president closed his speech by saying, "God bless you" to Planned Parenthood, our nation's leading abortion seller, endorsing the unpunished killing spree. We know that Jesus cannot bless this, but he can set us free and bring healing. — Ingrid Le Bleu, Medford

A Letter to the Editor ("Support for Thomas," May 18), identified Oregon Strong Voice as a group of Medford School District employees that had endorsed school board candidate Jeff Thomas. The Medford unit of the Oregon Education Association endorsed Thomas, separate from Oregon Strong Voice. Oregon Strong Voice-Southern Oregon is a coalition of community and labor organizations. As an entity, OSV-SO cannot endorse political candidates or participate in partisan elections.

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