The recent jailing of the water trapper was absolutely justified. He scoffed at the law for 11 years and is now playing legal games with the "ownership" of his property, even though he still lives there.

Some argue that he has every right to trap the water that runs across his property. I disagree. Water is a natural resource like deer. Does Mr. Harrington think he owns every deer that wanders on his property? I hope not, because he does not. No one in the state believes that all wildlife that crosses their property should become the possession of the property owner.

We are required by law to share natural resources, just like logic and decency would dictate. Sorry, Mr. Harrington's dams may hold water, but his argument does not. — Darryl Edington, Medford

I have a suggestion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston bomber.

1. He escaped from Chechnya to avoid Russian persecution. America welcomed him.

2. He is a Muslim, and the First Amendment of our Constitution gives him (and me) freedom of religion.

3. He received every benefit of our educational system, even before he became a naturalized citizen, and won a college scholarship that many others had contributed to.

4. He is a Muslim, but the hospital where they fought to save his life is Boston's Beth Israel Hospital, founded by the Jewish community in 1916. I am sure some of the doctors trying to save his life are Jewish.

5. Over 1 million American soldiers died to give him these freedoms. He repaid us by helping to plant two bombs that killed three people and injured scores. I suggest the hospital give him a dictionary and have him memorize the definition of gratitude. — Jeff Cheek, Medford

Both Bruce Borgeson and Anne Diller's elitist anti-gun letters in the Mail Tribune April 21, and April 22, respectively, were disgraceful! Not only do they perpetrate class warfare, Soviet-style collectivism, socialism, civilian disarmament et cetera, but likewise a war against women! Comrade V.I. Lenin would have agreed and appreciated "useful idiots" via the anti-gun agenda assisting in revolution, subversion, and eventual enslavement of unarmed masses!

War on women? Sure! Consider "Amanda Collins: Nevada Campus Crime Victim" via Cam Edwards online. As Jeffery R. Snyder's "A Nation of Cowards" from The Public Interest Quarterly, Fall 1993, states: "The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this utopian zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts from the state. It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that freedom with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state's totalitarian reach."

"The Gun Is Civilization" by Kirby Farris at www.jpfo.org delves into the legitimate side of firearms. Access www.jpfo.org for reading. — James A. Farmer, Ashland

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