Chairman Don Skundrick speaks: "Well boys, another year, another shortfall. I propose we raise the current $80 surcharge on Jackson County homes to a nice round $100 per month."

Doug Breidenthal and John Rachor simultaneously exclaim: "Don, you know we are philosophically opposed to that idea."

Don, looking skeptical, says, "Buddies, considering that you have voted to raise this surcharge for five straight years, I find your philosophical opposition somewhat weak."

John Rachor explains, "Well, I believe this might be a tax, therefore I want the record stating I'm philosophically opposed."

Don, shaking his head, moves on to other business. "OK, now for the important stuff. Somewhere in this great nation I'm sure there are county commissioners that make more than we do, and I propose that our salaries are raised to achieve parity. After all, we are close to retirement and we want to maximize our PERS, for honestly, those trips down the Rhine are not getting any cheaper."

Hear, hear and thumbs up are seen and heard in the background as the discussion moves on to the wines and beers of Germany. — Mike Hilmer, Medford

Seems like most of the Sunday, April 14 Mail Tribune was people arguing about money.

Your editorial chastized Curry County for not voting themselves more taxes. The vacuous yes/no more taxes "debate" never even brought up the stupid wars and 700 military bases across the planet.

Why are banks getting bailouts and bonuses while people are being conned out of their homes and their Social Security is getting docked? Your four contributors to "Legislators Report" ignored these issues, too. The Federal Reserve's printing-press Monopoly money is a guaranteed recipe for bloated, corrupt government, inflationary theft and economic chaos and no one will talk about it.

I am weary of these endless editorials and "debates" discussing symptoms of our economic woes that never address the causes. How can we make good decisions without good information? — Tom Clunie, Ashland

What a crock! For several years, each time the county would spend a large amount of money, whether it was raises for officials or to purchase buildings, or some other "necessary" new county expenditure, we were told that our county administrator and commissioners were doing such a great job. The county could afford all that stuff!

In fact, the last set of commissioners decided that they were all doing such a great job for the county that they all deserved substantial raises, and don't forget the county administrator, the one who makes triple the wages of the average county citizen. Don't forget our illustrious sheriff. He spends money like he prints it himself.

Now we are told that the county has severe shortfalls! So severe that the county commissioners are looking at a household "surcharge" (tax) to help make up some of the difference!

I have a suggestion; Jackson County officials should roll back all of the salary increases given to top officials in the county since 2007. That would be a start.

It looks like we really couldn't afford all that stuff after all. — Robert Soltz, Medford

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