The recent Senate votes against measures supporting gun control are simply appalling. Fortunately, Oregon's two senators had the guts to stand up to the NRA. Every "no" vote was made by a cowardly senator hoping to curry favor with home state voters. Each of those votes will be paid for in the blood of other Americans killed by guns. Shame, shame, shame! — Anne Diller, Medford

Chris Mathas' arguments against Citizens United are specious (MT, April 17).

Corporations are organizations, not property. It is individuals who own property through corporations. Citizens United allow individuals to speak through a corporation which is their inalienable right. That corporations have rights like a person is a fabrication. If a corporation could vote then Mr. Mathas might have an argument. They can't and they don't. — Gordon W. Dickerson, Medford

Only two years in public office and Don Skundrick seems to think taxpayers have an endless supply of money. His latest proposal to levy a surcharge between $2 and $10 against each housing unit could only be regarded as outrageous.

I say live within your means like the rest of us responsible citizens. I live in the county and currently pay $250 a month for that privilege. Is there anyone who thinks that $10 a month today won't be $20 a month or more in four or five years? Or that a tax once instituted is ever repealed?

There are two missing elements in Don's proposal, the people who use county services the most pay nothing, and PERS. The property owners Don is talking about taxing are the business owners, the job creators, the taxpayers. His proposal is in direct conflict with his stated vision on the Jackson County website: www.co.jackson.or.us/Members.asp?MemberID=347.

"My vision for the county is twofold — to create a business-friendly environment to create job opportunities for this and future generations, and in doing so, make the process as transparent and as customer/taxpayer friendly as possible."

Well, at least he's transparent. — A. Kent, Central Point

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