The heartfelt desire to validate Darwin's 19th-century science through subjective opinion is understandable. This belief, expressed year after year in local papers throughout the nation, may provide more scientific proof than the evolutionists themselves.

I read of marvelous accomplishments: complete fossil records, absolute facts established by science, links between species, proof of life from inorganic material and so on. If the truth be known, this is the precise method of prolonging the Darwin hypothesis. Richard Dawkins fires his nasty broadside at the nonbelievers. Time magazine, National Geographic, the media, Discovery Channel, Big Bird in the kindergartens, syndicated columnists all join the Darwinian chorus.

Then the clerics humbly add the clincher "theistic evolution," proving they neither believe scripture nor understand evolution. The 21st century opens on a desperate science so-called: The universe they observe cannot be explained mathematically by their beloved big bang; hence the fudge factors, dark matter and dark energy (unknown).

They cannot explain how matter holds together; hence the search for the God particle (which they claim to have found, of course). If the seven non-provable assumptions underlying the hypothesis of evolution cannot, by definition, be proven, evolution cannot be a fact. — Kenneth Mak, Medford

Thank you, Ronald Reagan, for providing Barack Obama with something that can make him appear presidential.

His decision to place Star Wars anti-missile systems on our West Coast is the first responsible thing that has happened during his absurd tenure as president.

After watching him support the Muslim Brotherhood with bombs and dollars, it's a welcome relief to see him do something for the good guys. — Ron Smith, Medford

Here we go again with county officials claiming funding for libraries is needed for the libraries to continue operating, due to the loss of timber funding. How many times are they going to hold the libraries hostage to replace timber funding?

Libraries were paid for by separate levies until 1998, not through timber funds. The last library levy was approved in 1996. In 1998, they convinced us to vote for a permanent combined library and safety levy under Measure 50. We were told this levy would provide permanent funding for the libraries, the Sheriff's Department and county roads department. This tax was $2.001 per $1,000 assessed property value. — $.63 per $1000 was to be used for libraries.

In 2005, we learned we had been deceived. That money was being put into the general fund and we were told, by them, they could use that money for whatever purpose they determined. That library money is now being used for other purposes.

Using the already existing library money for other purposes is fraud (misappropriation). The Mail Tribune is helping perpetuate the deception and fraud through their library articles. Personally, I tire of the county's continual deceptions and lies. — Randall Hale, Medford

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