This letter is to give public support for the Bybee timber sale proposed by the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. I agree with the rationale of the forest supervisor, Rob MacWhorter, as stated in the guest editorial March 10.

Todays fires burn hotter and kill everything. Reducing rapidly growing vegetation reduces catastrophic fires because flame lengths and ladder fuels are reduced and the fire can be controlled. Our hotter climates stress dense forests, causing insect infestations and fires.

Forested areas need thinning. Thinning is not clearcutting. You can hardly see where the forest has been thinned if it is done right, so remaining trees have less competition and can grow larger and more fire-resistant. Fires know no boundaries so could easily burn into Crater Lake National Park.

The park is in far more danger from fire if the adjoining forests are not thinned. Timber harvest benefits small local mills, and supports good family wage jobs. The mega forest industry has its own timber supply and doesn't rely on unpredictable federal timber sales. The small family-owned mills like Rough and Ready and Murphy Lumber rely on these federal sales. — Sue Kupillas, Allied Solutions LLC

Recently a Mail Tribune editorial pointed out the irresponsibility of Oregon's Legislature trying to squelch the public's right to know when a "pest control company reports a bedbug infestation to county health authorities," which passed the House last month by an amazing landslide majority of legislative bedbugs, 55-1. It was called House Bill 2131.

Unsuprisingly, the lodging industry supported this bill and no doubt supported many legislative bedbug coffers. It is axiomatic that we need transparency in government, and fresh air so that the newspapers and other news organizations can keep our and their First Amendment speech rights open as the light of truth streams through.

If choosing between either a strong government or a strong press, always choose the latter. Though transparency is paramount, I would rather not hear Governor Kitzhaber's mind-boggling disconnect of not executing a monstrous heinous criminal such as Gary Haugen who wants to be executed.

Kitzaber's feelings are offended that capital punishment (which our Founders believed in and carried out) is morally repulsive for him and he will not follow the state Supreme Court even if they rule against him. I hope the governor doesn't sleep in a hotel with bedbugs; they might capitally punish him. — Joel Marks, Medford

This is in concern with a law that, if it passes, would not allow adults to smoke in a car where children are present. I'm not sure why voters are allowing the government inside our personal lives.

Adults who smoke in the car with children present makes them questionable. It seems as if this is one more thing for the government to get into personal lives. If this passes it would show that this would be a domino affect for the government to get into our homes. I personally don't want the government telling me how I should live. — Chris Shaw, Medford

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