Mr. Edington (March 17) needs to go back and read the U.S. Constitution and U.S. history regarding the U.S. Senate. The Senate was formed, as it remains, with two senators from each state. This gave every state an equal footing in the Senate. The Constitution would never have been ratified otherwise. The House of Representatives is the "people's house" with membership based on each state's population. — P. Moran, Medford

In last week's paper was an advertisement for "Apartheid — Wrong in South Africa, Wrong in Palestine." The suggested analogy — Israel is the racist South African government and Palestinians are the black population — is a foolish and unfair comparison.

Apartheid was the strict separation of blacks and so-called "colored" in South African society as well as a philosophical commitment to the racial superiority of whites. It is unfortunate that some Israelis have racist attitudes towards the Arab citizens of Israel, but the laws and government of Israel state exactly the opposite. All citizens have equal rights. Arabs make up about 20 percent of the population of Israel. Muslim Arabs and other non-Jewish citizens of Israel are allowed everything Jews are allowed, everything that nonwhites were not allowed in apartheid South Africa.

Does discrimination exist in Israel against Arab citizens? I don't doubt it. But they are full citizens of the country in which they live. Finally, apartheid ended peacefully, largely through the person of Nelson Mandela who was a model of forgiveness.

If Israel is the white South Africa and the Palestinians are supposed to be the blacks, where is their Mandela? — David Eisenberg, Medford

Your reporting on the Medford School District and the School Board's opinions of Phil Long was excellent. The citizen involvement demonstrated by the School Board members when teamed with the scrutiny of the press has made for efficient and effective local schools with local control.

It's unfortunate that our current system does not allow this kind of scrutiny and local involvement for our hospitals. As our medical care costs continue to run out of control and the Republican Congress passes legislation to end Medicare as we know it, we continue to allow our hospitals to operate without local citizen scrutiny or oversight. We are straining out gnats at the school district while we swallow a camel at the hospital. — Mark Edward Soderstrom, Phoenix

Letter writer Giuntini ("Evolution lacks credibility," March 2) adroitly segued from the U.S. Constitution to Darwin's concession regarding evolution: "my speculations run quite beyond the bounds of true science." There have been substantive changes since Darwin said this about his theory 160 years ago.

Currently, many "transitional forms" abound that Mr. Giuntini claims don't exist. Yes, there are "missing links." However, a skeleton for every anthropoid that ever existed will never be found: Natural disasters over the millennia such as glaciers, volcanic eruptions and rising seas have entombed most human remains.

Unlike the original Bible, which was written a few thousand years ago, anthropogenesis continues apace. Discovery of these remains is ongoing while about 100 printed versions of the Bible give readers many choices regarding the how, when, where and who of human existence, be it creation in six days or evolution.

Mr. Giuntini piqued my interest about the "stunning accuracy" of some 2,000 biblical prophecies fulfilled to date and, with 500 remaining, I wonder, which will be first, an apocalyptic climax or discovery of the last "missing link?" — Raymond Steinbroner, Talent

In the stories from 100 years ago on March 9, they had problems sending skunk hides through the mail. I think they should pay a bounty to people who rid the neighborhood of these varmints.

The skunks in Jacksonville were under my niece's old log house. She had to pay the trapper to come every day to remove the skunks and reset the traps. It was a really bad experience, and there were 11 skunks under her house.

The skunks had very bad sores on their bodies. I wouldn't want them near my pets. — Orpha Thumler, Central Point

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