Want to watch Oregon State, University of Oregon, or for that matter sports at any Pac-12 school? Good luck unless you have Dish Network.

What about Internet TV? It's possible if you have Apple TV, Roku or Xbox. Think of this as a platform such as your cable box.

Oh, did I mention Charter doesn't think anyone in its viewing area watches sports? You have been hearing the Pac-12 say, write your cable company. Yeah, that's going to work. They are oblivious to customer service.

Here is a new idea: write the Pac-12 and have it make it pay-per-view. Ask it to put it on the platforms I mentioned earlier. What a novel idea; we could watch what we want. Here is the link to send the Pac-12 a note: www.support.pac-12.com/anonymous_requests/new.

Good luck, everyone. — Dan Fowler, Medford

Any ideologue can write with enough quasi-scientific pretension to mislead the uninformed on the subject, but evolution is supported by nearly every scientific discipline, from evolutionary biology to entomology, and just about any other branch of science one can name. Science has bequeathed us nearly endless validated insights into reality to which antiquity has been blind. Creationism, however disguised, offers only threadbare evidence and no useful knowledge as contrasted with Darwin's theory of natural selection, the modern core of evolution research.

Zealous Luddites of divine intervention reflexively choose to publish all sorts of anti-intellectual trash to obfuscate the body of scientific evidence favoring evolution; they are never to be bound by verifiable knowledge discrediting their own theological bias. One must ask oneself: What makes the notion of mystical creation by a divine extraterrestrial, supported only by ancient, pre-scientific religious texts, more credible than scientifically well-substantiated and far older biological mechanisms building new species upon the genetically traceable adaptive achievements of previous ones?

One can stipulate to the mystery of first causes, but given the evidence, mystery must thereafter yield to scientific investigation. Science is hard, bias and hearsay easy, which is probably why the latter two have so many adherents. — Gary R. Collins, Jacksonville

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