A letter was written in regard the MT article on the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Drive. The author's point seemed to be we should help kids here, rather than children outside this country.

While I agree with the writer that our government should be concentrating on taking care of the people of the USA before the rest of the world, I'd like to point out there are many ways to help needy children right here in the Rogue Valley this holiday season.

Project Angel Tree collects and delivers gifts for children whose parents are incarcerated; the CASA organization collects and delivers gifts for every child in the foster care system in the Rogue Valley; and the Salvation Army, the Gospel Mission, the Marine Corps Toys for Tots, and many others reach out to local children and their families.

All this is to say that local churches and residents are not overlooking local needs when some decide to help needy children outside this country by contributing to the Operation Shoe Box Drive. Many of those sending shoeboxes are also shopping for Angel Tree and other causes.

It's been my experience that those who voice the "kids here, not there" argument are really looking for a way to do nothing for anyone. — Charmaine Brackett, Central Point

Using standard liberal deception, the MT described the Republican party as shellacked. Yet 59 million voters nationwide support the Republican Party.

Suppose in a ball game that one team lost 62 to 59. Such a losing score would not be considered shellacked. Neither is the Republican Party shellacked. You did not consider the views of the majority of the people of rural Oregon nor the national trend.

In Jackson County there is a majority of at least 5 percent Republican votes. Rural Oregon has a similar Republican vote majority. You also failed to note that nationally Republican governorships increased and that Republicans still retain 234 seats in the U.S. House.

Republican policy as falsely portrayed in the liberal press of the MT is not in disarray. Furthermore, the thoughtless clichés editorialized by the MT also deceive. They merely mimic the usual misinformation schemes contrived elsewhere by the left.

Republican voters need not fret this election. Their support is huge.

Attempts to dissuade Republican voters as in the MT must be exposed. Thoughtful voters and those elected should ignore comment trying to disenfranchise the significant Republican voting support. — Ron Wallace, Medford

In response to Froma Harrop's column on Obamacare being a "gift," and to the gal who was all atwitter over saving $50 a month on her contraceptives because they are now "free," can't they understand that there's no such thing as a free lunch?

My son works for an international company that opted out of Obamacare because of the excessive cost. They instituted an insurance with less coverage. Medical tests that are required by his employer are no longer covered, and he cannot afford the $500 out-of-pocket cost.

On top of this, his insurance premiums are going up by $145 per month in January. He and thousands of other young families employed by this company and others who have opted out of Obamacare are now scrambling to cover these added expenses. Ask them if it is "free" when they have to choose between a warm coat for their children or a doctor visit.

While you are enjoying your "free, safe sex," I hope you take time to thank the families who pay while you pocket the $50 you save.

Common sense tells you somebody always pays. — Maxine Curtis, Central Point

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