So the Tribune believes the Oregon GOP needs to "moderate" its message? Southern Oregon voting patterns tell a different story — that the Democratic Party needs to "conservative up" to get votes here.

Still, it's ultimately better to peacefully break Oregon into smaller states with truly common interests. Northern Oregon could be as progressive as it wants, Southern and Eastern Oregon can go a different direction. All would happier, and properly represented. — Bill Meyer, Jacksonville

I need to address two Nov. 22 letters to the editor, William Mansfield's and Brad Martinkovich's.

Mansfield whines about not wanting gambling, yet when I ran for Medford City Council, I was the only candidate in opposition to the proposed Coquille Tribe casino in Medford. My opponent, who Mansfield supported, supports the proposed casino. It appears that Mansfield didn't do his homework very well.

Martinkovich whines about pool taxes. When I ran for the City Council, I was the only candidate who opposed both the water park and the aquatic center, both of which my opponent supported. I advocated for two affordable pools, and not exorbitant Taj Mahals, as were proposed. Martinkovich also supported my opponent, so apparently he also didn't do his homework very well.

It's fine if you supported my opponent, but then don't whine when my opponent continues with the status quo, which you oppose. What did you expect would happen? Mansfield and Martinkovich are perfect examples of uninformed voters. — Curt Ankerberg, Medford

The 2012 Darkwing Manor haunted house was our most successful yet. We exceeded our goal of $10,000 for our chosen charity — the Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County — with generous help from the community.

We thank our patrons. Without you, we could not collect donations. Thank you for your patience standing in line. We hope we kept you well-entertained.

We thank our sponsors and contributors: Jackson County Security; Paul Bunch Graphics; Brumond-Berliner's Havenshire Sanctuary; Beebe Farms; Buffaloe Graphics; Juan and Dana Knapp; Coca-Cola Bottling; Baci's Pizza; Abby's Pizza; Cooks Septic; Rogue Regional Medical Center; our Kitchen Witch; and others who remain anonymous.

We especially wish to acknowledge Travis and Lorie Batten for allowing hundreds of vehicles to park in their pasture.

We thank our 107 dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly for seven weeks in advance. You make Darkwing Manor a safe, scary and successful Halloween tradition for thousands in the Rogue Valley. — Tim and Tina Reuwsaat, Darkwing Manor & Morguetorium Museum

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