Many in the GOP listen only to reassuring echo chambers. We have all heard them, Fox News, Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Lars Larson and others. Their message is to provoke. Their strategy is to entertain. Their purpose is to make money. — Bruce Bryden, Medford

I was recently charged a $5 late fee even though I have always paid in full and on time.

The phone company added (into their computer system) a 55-cent surcharge to last month's bill after the bill was sent out. I paid on time and remitted the full amount of the bill I received. The invisible 55 cent surcharge for October's bill was added to my November bill as well as the associated $5 late charge for lack of full payment — a shortage of 55 cents.

Has anyone else received a CenturyLink bill that has mysteriously been a wee bit higher than usual? I know it's just $5, but think how much extra revenue the company will make if people do not request a refund of this late charge. I called and they are supposed to credit my account next month. — C.J. McLaughlin, Ashland

I read the article about the dog who was shot by a neighbor. It made me ill to read it because my cat, along with another across the street, was shot and killed Nov. 15 in my yard.

No investigation or inquiry by any authority has been made into this case, despite my persistence. It seems no one cares about this member of my family who was killed in his own yard.

I no longer feel safe letting my other animals outside, and I hate coming home to this neighborhood now. We have put out fliers to let other pet owners and neighbors know what has happened and see if anyone has any info but so far have not had a response.

I feel like if Seamus had been a dog, authorities would look into it or take it more seriously. He was a part of my family regardless and the safety of all pets in my neighborhood is continuously compromised by no action being taken in this matter of animal cruelty. — Audrey Jennings, Medford

I think it's sad to kill wildlife for fun. The bear had every right to attack back and attempt to do the same to the hunter as was done to him. The hunter got what he deserved. Too bad he didn't take his camera to try and shoot the bear. He could have hung the picture on the wall and enjoyed it without having to play the victim. — Chuck Brook, Medford

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