I noticed in your article "Police seize pot, charge 26 in Josephine County" by Ryan Pfeil that the police claimed a seizure of 5,000 pounds of marijuana from 32 mature plants. Is it possible for marijuana plants to weigh in at 156 pounds each? — Paul Westcott, Medford

Since the opposition was unsuccessful in voting out the Democrat president in the last election, they have played the impeachment and secession cards. The CIA indecision about who was responsible for the Libya attack resulted in confusion. Does anyone remember the intelligence snafu regarding weapons of mass destruction prior to the start of the last war? Were the lies of the previous administration impeachable?

The secession card is more interesting because of possible unintended consequences. If states secede, I assume they will take a portion of the national debt with them. They will also lose military bases and defense contracts. They will have to build their own army, navy, air force, etc. They will have to determine the fate of any social security, Medicare and Medicaid programs in their new nation. How about replacing services and revenues provided by the FAA, the FDA, FEMA and the highway trust fund for roads and freeways?

As a result of the loss of congressmen from the secessionist states, the congress in the "Progressive States of America" would be in complete control of the Democratic Party. — Ron Steffani, Ashland

Why is it that our political psychos and congressional crazies running the asylum can't get together to actually help people who actually need it, instead of trying to investigate a fight between two bullies in a sandbox over supremacy and money?

Didn't our election tell them anything?

The asylum is Congress, the sandbox bullies I refer to are the CIA and FBI. Each seem to hate each other. — Jeanne Smith, Talent

A time capsule was discovered today (in 2196). A strange item was found inside with the brand name "Twinkies." It was perfectly preserved. Scientists say it is a rare form of plastic no longer in use.

A check of the archives shows that the product was once a staple for computer programmers and other high-tech workers. Records show that the company closed down because leadership of a union refused to take a pay cut. Shell casings were found where the union shot itself in the foot. — Charles Jaeger, Rogue River

The Food Nazis are rejoicing in the streets. The dreaded Twinkie and Wonder Bread are dead. Children will miraculously be thin within days, but don't thank the gurus of the nanny state. No, it was the unions. They would rather see 18,500 people join the unemployed than try to save their jobs, remain employed and able to feed their families without food stamps and welfare. Let's applaud and rejoice with the Bakers Union. — P. Moran, Medford

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