Romney says 47 percent of Americans feel victimized and entitled. Losing your home or your job can do that to people.

Americans were victimized by the previous trigger-happy, tax-cutting, debt-doubling, Republican "administration" and indeed feel entitled to leadership that does not further victimize the already struggling workers of this nation who are the ones who actually build wealth. Isn't it Romney who felt victimized for having to pay taxes and felt entitled to hide his money from taxation in offshore accounts?

It looks like many people feel like entitled victims, but some of us are clearly not. Romney's hypocrisy is showing, as well as his total lack of concern for half the citizens of our country — the half that actually need help.

We need a president who cares about all of us, especially those who are struggling. We don't need hypocrites. — Darryl Edington, Medford

A 3-foot-diameter liquefied natural gas pipeline is being proposed from the south of Klamath Falls to Coos Bay. It will be coming from Wyoming.

This natural gas, every drop of it, will be sold to foreign countries. The pipeline will move 3 billion gallons of gas per day, or more. It will pass under and through rivers, streams, springs, wetlands and old-growth forests. A 100-foot-wide swath that could be visible from the moon is being planned for Oregon, a state known as "The Natural State."

It may be hard to get involved if you don't live in the direct line of this environmental catastrophe, but this is a good fight. If this gas is sold at $3 per gallon, that equals $9 billion for some hedge fund and rich investors. Eminent domain plays a role in this pipeline and will only give us a few part-time jobs or a handful of full-time jobs. Eminent domain equals the rich taking from the poor!

I think we all need to know how our county supervisors, state and federal representatives feel about this project before we vote. There are a lot more of us than they know who do not approve of this pipeline. — Janek Gala, Trail

Why should I vote? Because I can. Because the right to vote is the greatest of all rights. Voting is taking charge of your fate, owning your weight upon this planet and earning the right to speak about anything that matters in our human community.

Many things do matter to most of us. Please take a stand. Show some respect for our ancestors. Pick up a registration form next time you're at the post office, or print it off your computer, fill it out and mail it in — it's easy. Pick up a few for your nonvoting friends, also, and know the lift and the goodness that comes with doing something that matters.

The ballot will come to your mailbox — you just fill it out and mail it in. You will be a better person for it, and history will smile upon you. — Randy Dolinger, Ashland

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