Letters to the editor

Destroyed the trust
If there is only one truth to explain the past financial successes of this country, it has been the trust of the people in their government, their willingness to freely invest in the economy. The result has been the wealthiest nation the world has ever known.

The Obama doctrine has destroyed that trust, and forced his will on the nation. In his egocentric imaginings, he has substituted his own choices for ours. Obama decided that in pandering to the masses, by redistributing the wealth, he would win elections.

However, the wealthiest people simply stopped investing. Even the press can not hide this truth. Obama is a total failure, failing to understand that our greatness did not come from any single individual, but from us all in our every day choices, the best product at the best price! Unions and expansive government have only become parasites, destroying their host. — Carole Morris, Jacksonville

A recent letter attempted to create support for a Fire District 5 bond.

The somewhat agitated writer offered high praise for the District 5 laddies' bravery and dedication, and that is doubtless true.

It is also true that their main station is a startling Taj Mahal. It is also true that fire protection has changed radically over the past 50 years. Strict building codes, smoke detectors, school-based and media-based education have sharply lowered the incidence of catastrophic fires.

Rescues, when they are made, are carried out in the main by neighbors or utility workers. Certainly the District 5 Teamster firefighters would enter a dangerous situation — but these are fortunately few and far between.

However, firefighters are never shy about shamelessly begging for more tax dollars even when their equipment and staff are already abundant. Study the bond and don't fall for wild appeals with little basis in fact. — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

While Mitt Romney is grousing with his wealthy friends about the 47 percent of the population who receive enough tax credits on their low income so that they pay no taxes, a review of the Romney's tax return indicates that they are the beneficiaries of the biggest tax break of all.

If the Romneys' income was taxed at the same rate that applies to those of us who have income which has no capital gains or corporate dividends, the Romneys' federal tax would increase by more than 50 percent, or $1.2 million, over the $1.9 million they were required to pay.

Not only are Mr. Romney's wealthy friends donating millions of dollars to his election to ensure that this generous tax break remains in place, they are even supporting additional tax relief for the wealthy when that reduction will continue to increase the deficit of which they claim to be gravely concerned. — David Argetsinger, Medford

We moved our small company to Oregon with the help of government. The city staff introduced us to the technical and business contacts we would need. The local state employment office found us employees and the state made a loan to help us buy property. A grant from the county helped with necessary improvements.

The company is healthy and growing with 18 talented and contributing employees today. It ships 95 percent of its products out of state, so it contributes more to the local economy. Yes, we built the company with our sweat and investment, but we had help all along the way. Our business is built on "contribution above all" not "profit above all."

In our opinion, the Romney formula is to wring every dollar out of the company into the pockets of the big money boys. There is no contribution in that. — Bob and Jane Hall, Medford

Before long you will receive your mail-in ballot. Please consider the slate of candidates on the Democratic ticket. They will all move us forward at the local, state and national level.

In particular, I encourage you to vote for Jeff Scroggin for position 2, Jackson County Commissioners. I have worked with Jeff on campaigns here and he has shown a strong commitment to create jobs through a variety of ways. He is thoughtful, energetic, well-informed and sensible. He works with anyone who has a positive idea and attitude to improve economic and social conditions.

He has been on staff with Sen. Bates, who has been a forceful and constructive voice in getting things done here. At several gatherings I have heard Jeff talk about ideas, especially in the area of infrastructure, which will connect the valley economically to the outside world in more productive ways. Vote for Jeff. — Steve Haskell, Ashland

Candidate David Orr's platform in the upcoming judicial race attacks incumbent Judge Ben Bloom on two fronts: 1) He espouses contributors to Judge Ben Bloom as panderers who may affect his neutrality, and 2) he criticizes the judicial appointment process by the governor who appointed Bloom.

David Orr fails to mention that: 1) He made a contribution to the judicial campaign of John Norton in the amount of $500 in the 2008 campaign, and 2) he himself put his name in for judicial appointment, along with many other candidates, and it was Judge Ben Bloom who was vetted and chosen over him and many others, for the position.

Bottom line, I have contributed to Judge Ben Bloom and will vote for him because he listens to my family law clients and treats their cases with respect and fairness. Judge Bloom should be respected for having the support of his peers, not criticized. — Jamie Hazlett, Medford

Voters have had four years to get to know President Obama and his agenda for our country. To make an informed comparison between the president and his opponent, Gov. Romney, the voters have less time and material available to size up the GOP candidate.

Three weeks ago, Sept. 9, on NBC's "Meet The Press," David Gregory presented the results of his in-depth, two-day interview of Mitt Romney. Gregory did not pitch any softballs but he was fair, incisive and direct. The result is still available on the "Meet the Press" website and should be seen by voters of all parties.

The website is www.meetthepressnbc.com. On the first page, scroll down to "Video," click on "Full Broadcasts," then scroll down to "Exclusive: GOP nominee Mitt Romney on Meet the Press, Sept. 9."

You owe it to yourself and to your children. — Raymond Engle, Medford

The recently released video filmed at a Romney fundraiser has uncovered the ugly underbelly of a party infected by a virulent strain of arrogance, cynicism and greed. It captured Romney, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and who vastly increased his wealth by choosing to run a company that made huge profits by breaking other companies apart, closing plants, laying off workers and outsourcing jobs to China, heaping scorn upon millions of Americans who don't pay any federal income tax.

Who are these people? They are the poor, the minimum wage workers, the unemployed, the elderly who depend on Social Security for their income, veterans and the disabled. Romney, who makes millions and pays around 13 percent in income taxes, thinks our economic problems can be solved by reducing his taxes further and squeezing more out of the folks at the bottom. Do you agree? — Claude Aron, Jacksonville

I was very pleased when Gov. Kulongoski appointed Ben Bloom to replace me upon my retirement from the Jackson County Circuit Court bench.

Ben brought to this position his intelligence and well-rounded experience, along with his innate sense of justice and an appropriate judicial temperament.

Please join me in voting for Ben Bloom for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge. — Mark Schiveley, Jacksonville

Pilgrims, "though we've walked in the Valley of the Shadow," the last four years, we can lift our eyes and thoughts to a new and brighter day with Mitt.

Our economy is so wrecked and in despair from the big kid in our White House. He's living the good life with golf, TV show spots and parties at our expense in banquet rooms; also taking Air Force One at $18,000 per hour all over the U.S. and Europe.

We are paying for his solicitations for his re-election, using Air Force One and three other planes for his autos.

He's expected to receive $2 million to $4 million for speaking engagements when he leaves office. Could we send him back to Chicago now?

Let's give Romney a go at this mess. He will not take an income nor buy cases of liquor for the house gatherings. — Don Lystra, Medford

Consider this statement from the book "Mormons and Muslims" produced by Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Mormon church, and published by Bookcraft, a church-affiliated publisher: "... there are many important elements of Mormon thought in which we would feel closer to the followers of Muhammad than to the contemporary Christian culture in which we have been located since our beginnings."

Consider also the statement by columnist Kathleen Parker that Romney is a Mormon of "immaculate faith" (MT, Aug. 31). — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

Perhaps you can imagine my double-take when I read the "In the News" item about the new Apple iPhone by a buyer named Jimmy Peralta.

"It's just such a smart phone it does all the thinking for you, you can't get any easier than that."

Probably so. But it made me think about all the supposed "undecided" voters out there. Are they waiting for Mitt Romney to stick another shoe in his mouth before deciding to vote for President Obama?

Are they waiting for the unemployment figures to go back up before they decide to vote for Mitt?

Or are they perhaps waiting for a new app on their new iPhones to tell them who they should vote for? — Matthew Lubic, Talent

The three candidates running for Jackson County commissioner appeared in a recent debate on conservative radio station KMED, that was sponsored by the ultra-conservative Americans for Prosperity.

The three candidates responded to a variety of questions on county issues.

Credit goes to Jeff Scroggin for his ability to perform in that environment. Mr. Scroggin, the lone Democrat, spoke more like a moderate, a man who promotes the concepts of negotiation, compromise and cooperation.

He said good leaders always find the middle ground to solving complex problems. From him I heard enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas.

On the other hand, the other two candidates voiced only weak responses, honing in on tired rhetoric such as lower taxes and smaller government, and over-generalized words like freedom and liberty.

Jeff Scroggin would offer balance serving with the two Republicans now on the board.

He would represent all Jackson residents, not only the ideological right. — Dennis Rasmussen, Rogue River

If you are a Republican who worries about wasting your vote, this is the election to think about voting Libertarian. Romney isn't going to win and Obama most likely won't get worse.

You are wasting your vote anyway if you vote for Romney.

Try voting for something you believe in instead. Principles are more important than party. I urge you to consider casting your vote for Will Christensen for president of the United States of America.

Go to www.cg2012.org — and join the conversation. — Julie Grey, Jacksonville

We've experienced a slimly knowledgeable foreign policy president recklessly plunging us into a horrifically expensive, diversionary 10-year war.

It cost international respect among our friends for a decade. George W. Bush was encouraged by his overzealous neo-con cadre; personally inexperienced in war.

Why would we do that again, selecting a diplomatically unskilled Romney, surrounded by GWB's same myopic advisers?

Romney's shown himself out of depth in foreign affairs: blundering into Secretary Clinton's delicate negotiations of a Chinese dissident's release, offering only reckless saber-rattling with potentially nuclear Iran, claiming Russia our direst foe as if the Cold War continued.

He's insulted London about their Olympics, bumbled his own European tour; called foreign policy a "diversion," and personifies the rogue elephant in volatile Middle East transitions requiring steadiness, calm diplomacy and intelligent resolve.

Romney knows about closing businesses, but he'd be "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" as commander in chief. Let's not go there again! — Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland

I am writing to voice my support for Judge Benjamin Bloom in the upcoming election.

I have known Judge Bloom personally and professionally for many years, and know him to be a generous and caring family man. He brings the highest levels of integrity and objectivity to the bench. I would urge all registered voters to exercise their right to vote this November, and to vote to re-elect Judge Benjamin Bloom. — Adam T. Stamper, Ashland

Give one good reason, except for some temporary and part-time labor, why this 3-foot in diameter, 257 mile long liquid natural gas pipeline proposed for Southern Oregon is beneficial to our state.

Every day, 1 billion cubic feet of gas will be traveling through this pipeline, from southeast of Klamath Falls to Coos Bay. One hundred percent of this gas will be exported to foreign countries.

The pipeline will pass beneath the Rogue River at Trail, with a compressor station running 24 hours a day and sounding like a jet engine.

Why would anyone put our state at risk in order to sell our natural resources to foreign countries?

The Forest Service and BLM are changing longtime environmental laws in order to make this pipeline possible. It's shameful. Coos Bay will turn into a Richmond, Calif.

So, where is the need to sell our natural resources to foreign countries? Oregon will get nothing, not one drop!

We in Southern Oregon need to know if our elected officials are in favor of this before we vote. Please let us know. — Annina Stills, Trail

I understand that there is a measure on the ballot to incorporate White City. From what I can see, the taxes would go up to pay for a city council and to pay for police.

Also, the city council could raise water bills as Phoenix has been doing.

Why not leave well enough alone? I'm retired and cannot afford much more added to my bills. — Frank Doty, White City

Our nation is facing economic Armageddon unless something is done right away. I would suggest the following:

1. Back our money with gold at the going rates.

2. Give no more foreign aid to any nation with an exception for Israel.

3. Cut the size of our government and expenditures to match the income.

4. Develop a budget and stick to it.

5. Get all able-bodied people off of the public dole, unless they are willing to work at a worthwhile community service job.

6. Insist that all banks pay at least 5 percent on money the public deposits in their bank (they are ripping us off now).

7. Close to 50 percent of our people pay no income tax — everyone needs to pay something.

8. Ask God to bless our nation. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

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