Many thanks to the Friends of the Multicultural Fair, sponsored by the City of Medford's Multicultural Commission, for once again organizing and planning the Multicultural Fair to be held Saturday, Sept. 29, at Hawthorne Park.

In an age where technology and migration are helping to rapidly shrink the world, we need activities such as the fair to share our cultural diversities and to promote a greater understanding of the world.

The Multicultural Fair has always been a wonderful presentation of the ever-increasing cultural diversity present in the Rogue Valley. Works of art, food, music and dance representing peoples from all over the planet are among the considerable bounties to be enjoyed there. And who knows, events like this just might make us more unified in our diversity, because a rose of a different color makes the garden that much more beautiful.

So, again, great job to the Friends of the Multicultural Fair. All of the Rogue Valley and beyond is invited to "beautify" the garden at Hawthorne Park on Saturday, Sept. 29. — Steve Nelson, Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai's, Medford

This great nation has reached death's door. We have been had by the oldest trick known to man, divide and conquer. Sound familiar?

Take a look around! The existence of a supreme being has been replaced with the evolution theory. Sex education is being taught not at home, but in the classrooms. Condoms are furnished free. God's name has been removed, Nativity scenes at Christmastime and crosses are removed in all public areas. You can't wish anyone a Merry Christmas, it is now Happy Holidays.

Correct me if I'm wrong. This nation was founded on the idea that it would be a Judeo-Christian society. We have been invaded by devils who are hellbent on destroying our nation and our way of life. Following this path will lead us right into being taken over and deposited in the third world order! We will be told what to do and when to do it.

This is your last chance before hell breaks loose. In closing, it's mea culpa, mea culpa. God have mercy on our great nation. — John Ogle, Grants Pass

Thirty years ago I made a presentation to Medford regarding the need for a new city pool. Today Hawthorne pool has been shut down, and a very outdated Jackson pool is turning away our children becaue of overcrowding. As a physician and athlete, I know that swimming is the perfect exercise. In a state with rampant obesity, we need to keep our kids and adults active.

We also need to drown-proof our kids! Infant Swimming Resources reports that in Oregon, drowning surpasses all other causes of death in children age 14 and under. How many of our kids did not learn to swim the last two summers since Hawthorne was shuttered? How many more drownings will occur in the future if we don't have pools for teaching our children water safety and swimming?

Medford, let's build a year-round pool at Hawthorne, and a 25-yard summer pool at Jackson. — Douglas N. Naversen, M.D., Medford

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