Members of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International have pledged and given $164 million to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 40 years. This was a dream of Danny Thomas, that many children fighting cancer and other deadly diseases could be helped and saved by this research hospital located in Memphis.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha is the third-largest nonprofit donor and continues to support this reasearch with volunteer hours and money. All over the United States, projects are planned and conducted by our members. The St. Jude Radiothon in February is one of our big projects.

This past week, Alpha Lambda Chapter helped serve lunch for the Cycle Oregon bike riders. I am a 65-year member of Alpha Lambda Chapter of ESA. We also support local Easter Seal projects and a college scholarship at Southern Oregon University. — Marjorie Peterson, Medford

There is a simple reason that very little we buy is not made in China: greed.

Everything we buy made in China used to be made in America by American workers who had decent-paying jobs with benefits. Then the corporations and their investors "discovered" that the same products could be made elsewhere with much higher personal profits.

"Those" places usually offer their workers lower pay with no benefits and there are fewer concerns about what happens to the environment. For example, part of the price the people of China pay for their industrialization is that in the whole country there is not one drop of potable water. So what, close 50,000 factories in America and ship the jobs overseas. Hey, what seems to be important here is profits! — Jack Eagleson, Medford

I am supporting Jeff Scroggin in the upcoming election for Position 2 on the county Board of Commissioners.

I have personally worked with Jeff and know folks who have worked with him. He is energetic, smart and hard working. He works well with others, which is a huge plus in our current political climate. His experience in the military in positions of leadership speaks to his abilities. He knows the legislative process first-hand. He is very aware of the current issues facing Jackson County and aware of the opportunities to move us forward.

I encourage voters to give very serious consideration to Jeff Scroggin in the upcoming election for county commissioner. — Lee Murdoch, Medford

When I read the letter from John Severance, my first thought was: "Is this guy reading the same Mail Tribune that I'm reading?" and the answer was "nohow." He said that your paper was decidedly leaning to the right, and cited as proof periodic cartoons by "Lisa." I can't recall any specific cartoons by this person, but I can remember an almost endless string of political cartoons, op-eds and articles by some "writers" who are somewhere to the left of the president of France.

For example, read the articles by Froma Harrop or Gene Lyons or Leonard Pitts and then say this paper leans to the right. Occasionally the "Cheers and Jeers" article can be pretty left-wing political. I happen to be one of those who believes that the entire commercial media (TV, newspapers, radio) have become nothing but a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment and they occasionally report what is not quite the truth. I am not so naive as to think that the conservatives/Republicans have all the answers, but I can't see how they can possibly do any worse than the administration we have had to contend with the the part three-plus years. Oh yeah, I'll vote Republican in November. — Murray L. LaHue, Phoenix

A reader encouraged us to learn the facts, and vote Romney. He gave no facts, just misinformation on Obama.

Gas and food are up due to weather, wildfires, etc.

Not even Obama can control the weather, especially since Bush ignored global warming for years. Taxes will be lower unless you make more than $200,000, in which case stop whining. Your insurance has been telling you what doctor to see and what procedures you can have for years.

Instead of engaging in fear-mongering, why not learn some facts yourself? — Margaret Christensen, Medford

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