Letters to the editor

Collectivism holds that in human affairs, the collective — society, the tribe, etc., is the unit of reality and the standard of value. On this view the individual has no rights. His life and work belong to the group. This is the fundamental political philosophy of the Obama administration.

Marxism, Communism, Nazism, progressivism, socialism, radical Islamism, are all representative of collectivism in politics. Their common currency is the use of force to implement their doctrines — the opposite ideology of our founders.

Human beings can only prosper living independently, cooperating with others based on trade and reason.

We become fully human when we renounce force initiation in dealing with others, such as using government force as a tool for wealth redistribution. Individualism is the moral code recognizing that man can live fully moral and fully free. Capitalism is the economic system that makes it possible. Collectivism doesn't. — Gordon Dickerson, Medford

I find it outrageous that the Obama administration blames the filmmaker for the recent riots and murders in the Muslim world.

I can't believe the arrogance of radical Islam for being offended when one considers the vile things Islam says about Christians and Jews.

We don't see Christians and Jews rioting and murdering people.

The news pictures of the filmmaker being hauled away by government police show him with his face covered, no doubt because he doesn't want to be murdered.

There are a couple of things that might help.

One would be to eliminate freedom of speech in America in order to prevent offending Muslims. A better idea would be for radical Islam to refrain from outrageous behavior that causes people to criticize it.

I hope this letter doesn't provoke new riots all over the Muslim world. — Maynard Telpner, Talent

I saw a Mitt Romney bumper sticker the other day. It said, simply, "Mitt," and I thought about how crafty the Republicans are. Their candidate is not to be confused with a Wall Street mercenary worth more than $200 million who eliminated thousands of jobs and who considers millions of Americans to be self-pitying "victims." No, he's just plain Mitt.

Mitt's a guy who understands what it's like to scrimp to buy home appliances like a car elevator. The kind of guy you could have a beer with while you watch a ball game (except he doesn't drink beer) and maybe place a friendly wager on the game, say, $10,000? You might even meet Mitt on the street — you'd be walking your black Lab, he'd be walking his Olympic dressage Oldenburg mare.

That's Mitt. Not an exotic, terrorist kind of name, like Barack Hussein. Nope, just Mitt. Just one of the guys. — Paul Falletta, Grants Pass

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