Seriously? With all the concern the local community has about GMO foods, the MT put the article "Rats fed genetically altered corn die sooner" in a small column on the bottom left of the business page.

That should be front-page news of vital importance to your readers. The article cites a French study showing these rats had 2-3 times the mortality rate with double the tumors and cancer after only two years on GMO corn. — Dr. Michele Fecteau, Ashland

In response to a recent letter criticizing the Jacksonville Celebrates the Arts show held on Labor Day weekend, I would suggest the writer is suffering from a case of sour grapes. All of the advertising and media reports before the show clearly indicated it was to be a community event celebrating a wide variety of visual arts, from "artists" and "artisans." There were also lists of the types of "trinkets" that would be available.

I spent three days there selling my (so-called) "hula hoops," (which are actually hand-cut, hand-connected, hand-taped custom exercise/fitness/dance hoops) and I saw no "used clothing" or cheap stuffed animals.

I did spend the weekend next to a lovely woman who travels to Jacksonville every year from Portland to sell her beautiful jewelry, and who had an endless line of return customers who were happy to see her. My other neighbor was a Jacksonville photographer who sold many beautiful photographs of local scenes to new and return customers.

I sold more "hula-hoops" than I did last year. These types of events are always a gamble for vendors; everyone who signs up for them knows that. Perhaps a more positive outlook would help in the future. — Susan Frey, Phoenix

In my opinion, sanctions put on any country do not work because that one country can easily get goods from other countries.

Most countries are not totally dependent on America. That kind of pressure won't bend others, and is usually played out as a political ploy.

I'm not suggesting war, because nobody sane wants disaster, but with fanatics it's a totally different story! Hypothetically, if we, America, were the small country near a bunch of fanatic countries bent on nuclear capabilities to wipe us off the map, how would we feel and react? There is no reasoning with fanatics. Just look at what's happening presently.

War doesn't work either. How long have we been in Iraq and Afghanistan? What do you say we just bring home our finely trained American troops and fortify our borders? Can we just do trade with friendly, reasonable countries? Do we have to give millions of dollars to every country in the world? Is that how America made for a 16 trillion dollar deficit?

Are our hard-working Americans going to have to be heavily taxed to make up for the deficit? American workers did not create the deficit. Maybe I just don't understand what's really going on. — Jeffrey Kassman, Central Point

I totally agree with John Underwood's letter regarding the outrageous raises for the school district, but what about the outrageous raises for the county commissioners or the city administrators? Enough is enough! Maybe the citizens should band together to do what is necessary to take control of this selfish runaway train of greed! — Connie Johnson, Medford

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