Oregon law permits registered growers to grow marijuana for patients. We hire state police and county sheriffs to enforce Oregon laws. So why are they involved in federal marijuana seizure operations? Is this not dereliction of duty? — Jim Andrews, Medford

If you have ever had a catastrophic experience, you know how desperately you need first responders to answer your call. Regardless of their own safety, they are on the scene of the emergency as quickly as possible. Their dedication and devotion to duty is without equal.

Please help provide assistance to these brave men and women by providing the equipment necessary to do their jobs by voting in favor of bond measure 15-112 for Fire District No. 5. We owe it to their safety as first responders. — Don Ellsworth, Ashland

Candidate Ryan's classmates voted him "Biggest brown-noser." They should have awarded him a fact-checker. Let's look a few of them.

1. On national TV, he boasted that he had run a marathon in "two hours, fifty-something minutes." Marathon records show that it was over four hours. He said he "misspoke."

2. In several speeches, he claimed General Motors had closed an assembly plant in his district during Obama's presidency. Fact: the plant closed in 2008, when Bush was president.

3. He repeatedly said Obama's stimulus package was a failure and he refused to take any of the money. Records prove his district received millions in stimulus funds. When confronted with the facts, he said his staff had requested it, but his signature was on the request. He blamed others for his own actions!

Is this the man we want to have one heartbeat away from the presidency if Romney wins? — Jeff Cheek, Medford

In the late 19th century, John Harvey Kellogg became one of the best-known doctors in the country. He was not well-qualified, but he believed he was, and acted and spoke with high confidence.

Among his therapies, wet grass, high whole-grain fare, no meat, lots of chewing, were not his worst, and lots of sunshine was his best. A sick person would do better to go to a neighbor for medical advice, and stay far away from Kellogg's sanatorium in Battle Creek. But he made a big impact on public thinking, and we still eat corn flakes.

Following by only a few years was Cleveland dentist Weston Andrew Price, with careful and thorough scientific studies that were of a standard ahead of his time. As president of the American Dental Association, he was well-respected in the scientific community and many of his research papers are still useful. But the American public now, even the doctors, ignore most of it.

Kellogg made a much greater impact on the public, and dietary advice in chronically-diseased America is closer to Kellogg's hunches than Price's science.

We still have trouble choosing between a talker and a doer. — Ira Edwards, Medford

Double-barrel-shotgun runner for the highest office (Republican Mitt Romney) shows his stripes: First he shoots off his mouth, he then shoots himself in the foot. His rapid-fire assessment of the situation "that left four U.S. diplomats dead in the Middle East ..." (MT, Sept. 13) was — to say the least — immature. The shot to his foot was a very weak defense of his first shot, wherein Romney said, "I'm not going to take hypotheticals about what would have been known and so forth."

President Obama — as we know — is not perfect, but may the saints preserve us if Romney is elected. — Ray Steinbraner, Talent

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