Don Young's very succinct letter recently pointed out the irony that, despite belonging to an "Occupy" movement representing the 99 percent, those rallying against the grand opening of Walmart actually represented less than 1 percent of an estimated 5,000 shoppers cramming the parking lot and aisles of the store that day.

The views of this small group that denounced and decried the opening of the roughly 4-acre monstrosity by the largest retail corporation in the world on our former county park and ball field are irrelevant, the letter implies, given their small proportion, while the views of the 99-plus percent majority blithely ignoring the implications of their choices in who they patronize are convincing. The tiny minority held signs that day that exhorted, "Shop Mom & Pop," and the most common reaction of those exiting the store was to look away from the signs or, occasionally, to curse.

The vast majority of people there that day, along with those who continue to patronize Walmart and other corporate big-box retailers paying substandard wages and benefits, are making a choice, consciously or not, to celebrate the transformation of a community of neighbors to a growing wasteland of parking lots and strangers. — Ivend Holen, Medford

Women of America, by now you have seen the appalling speeches of the Republicans running for office. They demonstrate a complete lack of human compassion in their bigoted fundamentalist religious fervor to deny your rights in matters pertaining to birth control or abortion.

We can't have these extreme fundamentalists running for office. These people can't be allowed to run our government; they will set us back hundreds of years. They have already practically bankrupted America with their two unnecessary wars that have killed close to 7,000 of our young people.

They blame President Obama for all that, not mentioning of course that the actual stated goal of the Republican party ever since Obama was elected is to keep him from a second term. Obviously they never cooperated to work out ways to bring the country back up to speed and reduce the deficit the Republicans created. — Victor W. Rogers, Ashland

It is interesting to read about the new dorms at SOU. But what is the school, city or state going to do to mitigate the over 4,000 crossings per day of pedestrians at Siskiyou Boulevard at Wrightman?

Traffic at the intersection is badly congested now. Adding over 700 more people to the other side of the street from campus will be a disaster.

Has anyone considered a pedestrian bridge from the dorms to Meese Hall? Construct it with the "under budget" money. — Bob Carter, Ashland

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