There is disagreement on these pages about Planned Parenthood Federation's annual report, which I believe is the result of an intentional effort on their part to confuse people regarding their pro-abortion agenda. But the following we can all agree on — data taken directly off of the PPF website which two writers refer to (http://bit.ly/NKM0mY). On their site, PPF has performed 329,445 abortions in just one year, 2010. This makes PPF the single largest provider of abortions in the U.S.

Add to this horrific stat, on the next page of their report, PPF's single largest financial supporter — you, the American taxpayer, at 46 percent. PPF of Southwest Oregon lists we taxpayers as having contributed a whopping 64.7 percent on their IRS 990 for 2010, with net assets of $11,849,057.

There is much more out there at www.stopp.org if you have the courage, but the questions I have are: Why are taxpayers footing the bill for PPF, with its controversial agenda and our government (we taxpayers) on the verge of default? And, how can a nonprofit make a profit (over $230,000 for PPF of SW Oregon in 2010)? Planned Parenthood should stand on its own financial feet. — Bryan Platt, Eagle Point

I am so tired of hearing liberals call for "higher taxes on the rich," especially some of the wealthy members of our government. If they feel they're not paying enough, why not write a check to the United States Treasury for whatever they feel they should be paying?

It is really sad and totally unrealistic to suggest that those making $250,000 a year are rich! What liberals fail to understand is that many small businesses fall into that category, most of which are LLCs or Sub-S corporations. In addition to the salaries they take, any company profits are filed on their personal income tax returns and taxed as ordinary income. If their tax rates are increased, there will be less money left to reinvest in their companies, thereby limiting the opportunity for growth. What a shortsighted policy! — Sally Dernedde, Medford

Recent studies show that when conservative Republicans open their mouths to discuss women's rights, they release an odorous gas that appears to have a prophylactic effect that greatly reduces their chance of getting elected. — Ronald Flower, Grants Pass

Anthropologists have hypothesized that although the Neanderthal race is long extinct, that in the period when Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens co-existed, it might have been possible that Neanderthals passed on their genetic code to humans.

Recently in this 2012 election, we now have compelling evidence that in certain humans this has occurred, and we now know that these genes are expressed in certain Republican candidates running for Congress. — Gordon Topham, Central Point

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