In Sunday's paper, Paul Greenberg speculated on Mitt Romney's motivation for concealing his tax records.

Besides the obvious reason of having something to hide, maybe he'd rather maintain the distraction than talk about jobs, which could raise the question of why Republicans spent almost four years filibustering instead of helping create them. In other words, why was making President Obama fail a higher priority than our economic recovery? — Michael Steely, Medford

Good golly. It may be coincidence, but I have to wonder. All my major magazines plus several television channels are displaying an absolute frenzy of interest in Mormonism.

Of course, they would scream bloody murder if accused of attempting to inject religious bias into our upcoming national election. Would they not? — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

So 13,000 students can't pass the graduation-required writing test (MT Aug. 25). Is that all?

The "educators worry how they will provide the needed writing instruction and find the time to document how the essays meet or fail to meet standards." Find the time? What do English teachers do if they don't teach reading (another failing requirement) and writing?

If you've been around teens or had any occasion to read what they're writing, when they write other than tweet, you'll know they aren't being taught how to read or write. As it is, the state Department of Education allows spell check to be used on state exams. How does that help?

These are the leaders of the corporations and of our country in the future. Does it make you feel secure that your children and grandchildren are in good hands?

I can hear the howls of the unionized teachers now: how they are overworked, underpaid and forced to teach to tests, therefore don't have time for this nonsense. Well, how's that working, as evidenced by this latest report? — P. Moran, Medford

A friend put Mitt Romney's refusal to publish his financial records quite succinctly:

"I had to produce more tax returns to refinance my house than Mitt Romney has produced to be President of these United States. He should be proud to show his tax returns.

"Romney says he loves America; he should show how much he loves America by showing where his tax dollars were spent. Why wouldn't a very wealthy man not want his tax dollars to be fed back into the country he professes to love in order to support the infrastucture, clean water, and clear skies? His own father insisted that at least 12 years of returns were required.

"Mitt Romney is not running for president of McDonald's; he is running to be the leader of our country, and he needs to be trustworthy. If he has nothing to hide, he would have produced these returns months ago, and this would not be an issue now." — Carol Jo Pettit, Talent

As the father of two young adult women, and a former Army officer, I am concerned with the level of sexual violence in our nation, and especially throughout the Armed Forces of the United States. Our response to the crisis of rape and violence against women is one of the defining human rights issues of our time! There is no room in our democracy for any politicians, of either party, who would distort or obfuscate the issue for partisan gain. — Daniel C. Guy, Medford

Motorcycle riding is great. There nothing like feeling the wind in your face.

To those motorcycle riders who helped me when the boat I was hauling broke loose in Gold Hill, you didn't stand around and look, you came over immediately and helped. I ride, too, and I just wanted you all to know it was appreciated. I hope to see you riding down the road one day. I'll be looking for you. Stay safe out there. — Lond Bass Jr., Rogue River

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