"You're not under arrest; just get in the back."

Here we have mistake one for the homeowner. He has no, repeat no obligation to "go downtown." He should sit down in his house and call his lawyer.

If the cops want to "arrest" him, as opposed to intimidate him, so be it. Here we have a law-abiding citizen sitting in his own house, when some miscreant tries to break in. Solution: defend your home. — Ted Krempa, Medford

One of the many great things about living in Jackson County is the abundance of live theater and music of all kinds, much of which is free. At the First Friday Artwalk in Ashland earlier this month, I thoroughly enjoyed listing to the Jazzmen band that plays standards in a big band style. They played in front of La Baguette Cafe. Knowing that they and their vocalist Kasey are very good, I was looking forward to hearing them play at Vogel Plaza during the Medford Third Friday Artwalk.

I was quite disappointed to find that their music had to compete with the noise of the fountains that were running between the audience and the band. Although a call was made to the city engineer to turn the fountains off, he apparently felt that it would be a little too much trouble to do so. — Phil Davies, Medford

The front page of the Tribune (Aug. 16) depicts exactly why many citizens are justifiably skeptical and distrusting of the legal system in Jackson County. A man who had been repeatedly breaking into cars and eluding police was released after being jailed for a few hours, and yet, an honorable citizen remains in jail having stored rainwater in a pond on private property, which had been used by firefighters in many emergencies. I wonder how many lives, homes and trees it saved. What a travesty.

"Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions."

— James Madison, 1792

Citizens of this fine county are being arrested/cited for "crimes" of what I would consider productive living: building a road, storing water, a mechanic in business; while others who are truly harmful and dangerous are being released from jail within hours.

Well, Americans, there are a few brave soldiers leading the way who refuse to be bullied and "abused" anymore. I applaud the Gary Harringtons, and Curt Chanclers and the many more of you drawing the line and speaking for our constitutional liberty! — Colleen Roberts, Prospect

Hmm. Five thousand Walmart customers and 25 Occupy protesters. Now, we know who are the real 99 (and one half) percent. — Don Young, Medford

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