Voter ID laws: Is there really enough voter fraud to justify them? Or, is this just a Republican ploy to stack the deck in their favor, as charged? I've thought of a way of deciding this question.

Of those governors whose states employ such laws, how many are making a concerted effort to ensure that every qualified voter has the required ID? If they've taken a "that's their problem" attitude, that tells the story. — Hartley Anderson, Medford

Isn't it strange that our congressman refuses to vote for tax relief for those earning less than $250,000? He wants to make sure that his big-time contributors get a tax break.

Those earning over $250,000 get all the tax relief they need. Let's tell Greg Walden for once to vote for those who need help. Don't vote against us getting a tax break. Just look at who he visits whenever he comes to town. — Keith Van Horn, Medford

The recent Cheers and Jeers (July 26) featured a wrongheaded and predictable Mail Tribune jeer for the scenario in which a lawfully armed citizen might have been able to interrupt or end the massacre in the Colorado movie theater by a deranged killer, thereby limiting the carnage and saving lives.

Far better, the spineless MT editorial board argues, for all citizens to be unarmed and helplessly await their own slaughter, than for one of them to have a chance to defend life and fight back, otherwise — wait for it — someone might get hurt!

From under what rock in what dank forest crawls this unfathomable insistence on selling one's life cheaply in the face of evil, rather than having the opportunity to defend it — a principle guaranteed by the federal and Oregon Constitutions and centuries of common law?

But this is the voice of "reason" from the wrongheaded and predictable Mail Tribune that never met an anti-gun editorial cartoon it didn't like. Only sheep like you could find satisfaction that no one in that terrified theater audience had the means to try to cut the tragedy short. — William Powell, Talent

I would gladly take any one of your editors out to a shooting meet we have locally and let them see that our carry-permit holders are much more proficient than any of you can imagine. You might also enjoy learning how we do things for fun and training. — Jim Mencum, Medford

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