We attended the Bill Cosby performance at Britt Saturday night and found his material disappointing. It was not the Bill Cosby we learned to enjoy and appreciate through the years. His use of the words "I hate you" and "wish you were dead" seemed inappropiate in light of what happened in Aurora, Colo.

We had three venues we could have attended that night — we picked the wrong one. Sorry, Bill. — Bob and Lynn Stafford, Medford

The recent Aurora, Colo., shooting was a very tragic event. Unfortunately after a shooting spree like that, anti-gun supporters and politicians always want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

Our society is no longer willing to admit that there is evil in our world. There always has been and there will always be evil people. If you take guns away from evil people they are still evil. Politicans are not willing to address the problem of evil people, so they go after guns because it is the only thing they can do to give the people the impression that they are doing someting to protect us.

James Holmes could have just as easily driven a tanker truck full of gasoline into that theater. More gun laws and restrictions will only turn our society into a herd of defenseless sheep. No one is more responsible and capable of protecting you and your family than you.

Hold James Holmes accountable for his actions, not the tools he used. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. — Robert McKean, Phoenix

Before automatic weapons became popular playthings, people who didn't have their heads screwed on straight could murder someone using a gun, but they could not slaughter dozens of people and wound dozens more in seconds or minutes.

For decades the NRA has had all those in a position of power by the short hairs. Time has passed for politicians to stop being cowardly and ban semiautomatic rifles and pistols. Enough innocents have been crippled for life or died. These are weapons of war, not toys, and only the military and police should have access to them. — Jean Strong, Medford

It's nice to see news about Medford and the RPS process, but where is the news about how Phoenix might be sinking the entire project because of three City Council members who had not done their homework and studied? — Steven A. Schulman, Phoenix

What kind of insanity has gripped the city of Medford? They hired a company to pave Crater Lake Avenue last year and the manhole covers became deep enough that it was like running an obstacle course. After many months, they finally get them raised to the point you can drive on Crater Avenue without fear of blowing out a tire or messing up the alignment on your vehicle.

Now what have they done? They paved again and the manhole covers are worse than they were the first time around. Is their goal to force people to quit driving on Crater Lake Avenue? — Paula Waldrop, Medford

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